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Metro at airports in Romania

Rating of Airports in Romania - Metro

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
SBZ Sibiu Airport Sibiu 4.0 16
TSR Timisoara Airport Timisoara 3.9 434
IAS Iasi Airport Iasi 3.3 1392
OTP Bucharest Airport Otopeni International 3.1 247874
BCM Bacau Airport Bacau 2.8 165
CLJ Cluj-Napoca Airport Napoca 1.8 420
CRA Craiova Airport Craiova 1.0 27
BBU Bucharest Airport Baneasa 1.0 17
TGM Tirgu Mures Airport Tirgu Mures 3.0 5
CND Constanta Airport Kogalniceanu 1.0 5
SCV Suceava Airport Salcea 1.0 4

Latest reviews of metro at airports in Romania

Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest) , 06/01/2011

Could not use the flight as I did not use the first part of the ticket, and was denied access to the flight.Bought a Malev ticket for sunday 2 jan. 9pm and flight was cancelled...nightmare..!!!

Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest) , 02/12/2014

Staff have no manners at all. Arrogant.

Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest) , 15/01/2015

good services

Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest) , 29/01/2015

Temperature within the airport very warm

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