Airports in Romania - Rating of metro


Metro at airports in Romania

Rating of Airports in Romania - Metro

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
BBU Bucharest Airport Baneasa 1.0 6
SCV Suceava Airport Salcea 1.0 1

Latest reviews of metro at airports in Romania

Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest) , 13/01/2011

Could not use the flight as I did not use the first part of the ticket, and was denied access to the flight.Bought a Malev ticket for sunday 2 jan. 9pm and flight was cancelled...nightmare..!!!

Napoca Airport (Cluj-Napoca) , 08/02/2014

Small and quick to use. The luggage can take 10-15 minutes to arrive which is irritating because your is usually the only plane unloading at the time

Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest) , 05/01/2014

Over the last few years Otopeni has known remarkable improvements. Pleasant airport now, but sky-high consumption prices for Romania. No Duty-Free.

Sibiu Airport (Sibiu) , 31/10/2012

Very small, but clean and nice airport.

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