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Metro at airports in Romania

Rating of Airports in Romania - Metro

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
BBU Bucharest Airport Baneasa 1.0 6
SCV Suceava Airport Salcea 1.0 1

Latest reviews of metro at airports in Romania

Sibiu Airport (Sibiu) , 31/10/2012

Very small, but clean and nice airport.

Baneasa Airport (Bucharest) , 25/08/2011

There are no trolleys in the airport, and as I was carrying a heavy box, I had to pay the taxidriver to parc the car and pay him to carry it inside to the checkin counter.

Baneasa Airport (Bucharest) , 21/09/2010

poor infrastructure overall, poorly marked lines (check-in; passport control...)

Bacau Airport (Bacau) , 11/12/2009

the check in and security check takes place in the same small hall and it is not only confusing, but it allows people to jump queue and there are continuous unnecessary disputes among travellers. the security check on the 3rd Dec in the morning was excruciatingly slow. When I asked why they don't use the second scanning machine, a security man replied shouting, "because it's not working, can't you see?!" i think they are quite stressed too.

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