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Are you a last minute traveler?

What is a last minute flight?

Making last minute travel plans is often necessary. You may be required to head off on a business trip or you may simply fancy treating yourself to a relaxing last minute holiday or weekend break!

So, why wait? Some of the decisions we make are done on impulse and with thousands of cheap flights, eDreams has the perfect last minute flight deals for you!

How to book a last minute flight with eDreams?

Thanks to our fleet of airlines, booking cheap last minute flights with eDreams has never been easier: our speedy eDreams search engine compares thousands of cheap flights from the world’s top low-cost airlines bringing you the best last minute flight deals in a simple click.

To find cheap last minute flights to anywhere, enter your dates and select the option that suits you!

Best destinations for a last minute holiday


Soak up the sun with a last minute flight to Malaga! Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, it is a popular travel destination amongst the British who flock there for a break from the English weather!

Flights to Malaga


A last minute trip to Rome comes highly recommended! Given the Eternal City’s proximity to the UK, there are some great last minute deals to Rome, so make sure you don’t miss out and book on eDreams!

Flights to Rome


Thailand has a cultural wealth making it a last minute holiday destination. Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destinations: if you seek a tropical escape, get your last minute flight on eDreams!

Flights to Bangkok