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Presentation of Tehran

Nestled in the foothills of the Alborz mountains with soaring snow-capped peaks above, Tehran has a spectacular setting that both awes and inspires its visitors. It’s a fitting location for this dynamic and fascinating capital city, which is also the most secular and liberal in Iran. There are many interesting sights, such as the lavish Goleston Palace and the striking Azadi Tower, and many excellent museums and art galleries. If you want to stroll in beautiful gardens or explore the city’s contemporary cafe culture, you can do so. Start planning your holiday to Tehran with our holiday packages today.

Things to know before visiting Tehran

British nationals need a visa to enter Iran. You should apply for this well in advance of travel, preferably allowing at least two months. You also need to have an Iranian sponsor – it’s best to use a travel agency or visa agency. Tourist visas are issued for 30 days on arrival and are valid from 90 days from issue date. Women and girls over 9 should wear a headscarf in visa application photos, and also need to be covered as soon as they disembark the plane.

Tehran time is a three and a half hours ahead of the UK. If you’re catching a flight from London to Tehran or a flight from Manchester to Tehran then you’ll probably fly into Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, the city’s primary international airport. It’s about 30 miles south of the city centre and there are buses connecting the airport to the subway, from where you can catch a train. This is the cheapest way to travel but there are also taxis and these can be pre-booked for convenience. Browse our holiday packages and holiday deals to Tehran.

What is the weather in Tehran?

Tehran’s climate is semi-arid, with continental and Mediterranean elements. The geographical location, with mountains to the north and desert to the south, largely affects weather patterns. Summers are hot and dry, with average high temperatures between 30 and 34 degrees Celsius between June and September, and the lack of humidity makes the heat quite bearable. Spring and autumn are both mild, but the differences in average maximum temperatures during these seasons is quite wide. In spring, it climbs from around 13 degrees in March to 25 degrees in May, while in autumn it descends from around 22 degrees in October to 14 degrees in November. In winter, daytime temperatures are around 6 to 8 degrees, but it can drop to below freezing at night. Browse our holiday packages and book your holiday to Tehran.

What to see in Tehran?

Tours are a great way to see the sights on your holiday to Tehran as you relax and let knowledgeable tour guides do the work for you. Top sights in the city include:

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What to eat in Tehran?

Classic Iranian food is subtly spiced, using ingredients such as saffron and rosewater. On a holiday to Tehran, be sure to try out characteristic slow-cooked stews (khoresh) and rice-based dishes with nuts, dried fruits and herbs. Dizi is a traditional lamb, chickpea and potato stew, and ash reshte is a noodle and bean soup with a salty fermented whey on top, while street food offerings include steaming boiled beetroots (laboo), grilled corn (balal) and jigar (liver kebab). Browse our holiday packages today.

What to bring from Tehran?

Traditional souvenirs from a holiday to Tehran include pottery and ceramics, jewellery and precious stones. Food items include saffron, dried fruits and nuts, Persian tea, rosewater and Persian sweets. Of course, the ultimate souvenir is a Persian carpet – ask your guide for the best place to buy. Compare holidays and book a flight to Tehran with us to experience this exquisite gem of a city for yourself.

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