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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Bangkok

Holiday Deals to Bangkok

Presentation of Bangkok

The capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok makes for a superb long-haul holiday destination. Direct flights from London to Bangkok run on a daily basis and take 11 and a half hours before touching down. The city is large with over 8 million inhabitants. Half that number again live in the wider Bangkok area which is sprawling. The metropolis is built on the banks of the Chao Phraya River which turns into a wide delta at Bangkok's southern edge. Originally a small trading post, the city has grown beyond all recognition into a modern Asian urban centre. In central Bangkok, there are numerous high rise buildings and Western-style hotels. However, much of the original and distinctive architecture for which Thailand is famous still exists in the city. Package holidays to Bangkok often include luxurious hotel accommodation in the city centre. However, low cost holidays to Bangkok can also be booked in hostels and holiday apartments which also make great bases for exploring the city from. In short, every taste and budget can be catered for in this diverse city, so choose your next getaway to Bangkok right now.

Things to know before visiting Bangkok

A flight from Manchester to Bangkok, or from any other regional airport in the UK, will usually mean stopping in a European city depending on the airline. Some operators also use air hubs in the Middle East as locations to make connections for flights to Bangkok. The city is split into 50 different administrative zones but the numbering of these can be confusing for anyone on holiday in Bangkok. Zone 3, Nong Chok, is nowhere near zone 2, Dusit, for example. However, Dusit District is next to zone 1, Phra Nakon. As such, you should use the names rather than the number system. The city is served by two major airports, so check which one you will arrive at when you book your flight and hotel deal to Bangkok since you will probably need to plan your onward travel into the city centre. Buses are the commonest way of making such transfers as they are cheaper than taxis, but no slower given the city's often congested road network. You don't need a visa to travel to Thailand unless you plan on staying for longer than 30 days. What's stopping you from booking today?

What is the weather in Bangkok?

Anyone on holiday in Bangkok will soon realise that the weather is fairly consistent. It is hot almost every day of the year with the average daily high reaching into the mid-30s °C whether it is summer or winter. September and October see the most precipitation due to the monsoon season which impacts on the city a little. The least amount of rainfall occurs in December during the course of an average year. The month with the most sunshine hours is January. Humidity is usually high in Bangkok, so you should dress in loose and comfortable clothing and drink plenty of water to remain cool. Sub-zero temperatures are unheard of in the Thai capital. Why not search for last minute holiday deals to Bangkok and enjoy some of its great weather?

What to see in Bangkok?

Tourism constitutes a significant contribution to Bangkok's economy and, as you might expect, there is plenty to see. The Grand Palace is a must-see site for anyone who has booked a holiday package to Bangkok. There are some major Buddhist temples in the city, as well, such as the magnificent Wat Phra Kaew which houses the famous Emerald Buddha. The Bangkok National Museum is another important place for visitors. The largest museum in Southeast Asia, it was originally opened in 1874 and now houses some of the finest art in the entire country. Taling Chan Floating Market is among the last of the boat-operated markets left in the city, so this is well worth seeking out, too. For lively shops and bars, head to the Khao San Road in the heart of the city. On virtually every street corner in this district of Bangkok, you will find street food sellers and an array of sights and smells. Find the right holiday deal to Bangkok today and book your flights without delay.

Areas to visit near Bangkok

Since the capital has no beach of its own, a trip to the neighbouring city of Chon Buri is advisable for most holiday packages to Bangkok. The lively and world famous Pattaya Beach is located in this area, but there are plenty of other stretches of golden sand in the Chon Buri region to choose from. To the north of the city is Dream World, a good day out destination for families. This amusement park is located close to Rangsit and it offers roller coasters, theatrical performances and several restaurants. Further north is Ayutthaya, a small city about 50 miles from central Bangkok. Here, you can visit the remarkable Japanese Village Museum which is situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Reserve your flight and hotel to Bangkok now.

What to eat in Bangkok?

Thai cuisine is exceptional and it is one of the main reasons that many people book a holiday in Bangkok in the first place. Many noodle dishes are on offer in the city, served as both fast food and as delicacies. Chinese and Portuguese influences are noticeable in the Thai cooking to be found in Bangkok. Pad Thai is a typical example and utterly delicious at any time of the day. Visitors should also try a green curry, which uses Thai basil and coconut milk to generate its distinctive flavour. Tom yum is a type of soup that is also popular in the capital. It uses galangal as an ingredient, for a fiery ginger-like taste. Green papaya salad can also be found on the menu of many eateries in the city. However, this dish is from neighbouring Laos rather than being truly Thai. Try these dishes and many more in an authentic setting once you have booked your cheap holiday deal to Bangkok!

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