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Holiday in Malaga

Presentation of Malaga

The Spanish city of Malaga is an important economic and financial centre in the autonomous community of Andalusia. With a traceable history going back almost 3,000 years, it’s one of the oldest cities in the world and a fascinating and enjoyable city to visit. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast of Spain’s Costa del Sol, Malaga attracts many tourists eager to experience the sun, sea, and local attractions, for which the city is famous.

There’s a lot more to the city than its seaside location, of course, and a holiday in Malaga almost always rewards its first-time visitors with more than they expected. If you’re considering a visit to Malaga, you’ve come to the right place. At eDreams, our discount holidays are first class and include a flight from London to Malaga or, if preferred, a flight from Manchester to Malaga plus high quality hotel accommodation. Browse our excellent flight and hotel deals and make Malaga your next holiday destination.

Things to know before visiting Malaga

Spain’s membership of the European Union (EU) means that no visa is required to visit Malaga if you have a valid British or other EU country’s passport. Just present it at the immigration desk on arrival after your flight to Malaga and your Spanish adventure in the sun can begin. British and other EU countries’ driving licences are valid for driving in Spain, too, in case you want to hire a car while you’re there. Nationals of other countries may have to check with any Spanish consulate regarding visas and acceptable driving licences. With those formalities dealt with, you can look forward to an amazing holiday in Malaga. Our all inclusive holiday deals for Malaga are second to none so browse and book with us for a fantastic time.

What is the weather in Malaga?

Malaga’s ‘subtropical-Mediterranean‘ climate ensures lots of sunny days - around 300 per year, in fact. Average temperatures range from around 45°F to 62°F in January and around 70°F to 87°F in August. The hotter months are also the drier months, but there’s lots of great weather all year round. Our flight and hotel deals are available throughout the year, so feel free to browse our package holidays to Malaga for any time of year that suits you.

What to do in Malaga?

Malaga is a great city to explore as there is so much to see that’s interesting, colourful and attractive. Here are a few places to visit and enjoy.

  • Head for Malagueta Beach: When the heat of the day builds, it's a good idea to head for the beach especially in the hotter months when the sea becomes irresistible. Malagueta Beach is very close to the downtown area of Malaga and has good facilities. It does get a little crowded at times due to its central location and great facilities, but there are other beaches along this coastline, too.
  • Stroll around Malaga Port: The port area is an interesting area for a leisurely stroll. Watch the comings and goings of yachts and cruise ships. It’s a hive of activity. There are also many good restaurants in this area.
  • Visit Malaga Cathedral: One of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in the whole region, the 16th-century Malaga Cathedral is magnificent and well worth a visit.
  • Enjoy the nightlife of El Pedregalejo: El Pegalejo lies just over two miles east of the city centre. It’s an interesting place to visit during the day, but it’s at night that it really comes alive. Numerous bars in the area attract a lively and friendly crowd of locals and visitors out for an evening of fun.
  • Explore the ruins of Castillo Gibralfaro: This archaeological site on Gibralfaro Hill preserves the ruins of the 11th-century Moorish fortress, Castillo Gibralfaro. It’s an impressive sight and you’ll also be rewarded with spectacular sweeping views of the city below.
  • Visit the Picasso Museum: This museum honours the artist Pablo Picassso, who was born in Malaga. It contains several of his earlier artworks. Nearby the museum is the house where Picasso was born.

Enjoy these and many other attractions of Malaga, They're far too numerous to mention all, but all of them are there waiting to be discovered. Our first-rate flight and hotel deals will provide you with a package holiday in Malaga that you can be sure to enjoy from start to finish.

What to visit around Malaga?

Just a 20 to 30 minutes’ bus ride southwest on the coast road is the famous resort city of Torremolinos. Like Malaga, it has its fair share of attractions and beaches, and it makes a great day trip from Malaga. Alternatively, an hour’s drive north takes you to the fantastic botanical gardens, Camino del Jardin Botanico, where you can admire incredibly beautiful species of tropical and subtropical plants. Browse our all inclusive holiday packages for a flight and hotel in Malaga so you, too, can enjoy the attractions of the city and many interesting neighbouring locations.

What to eat in Malaga?

Malaga’s seaside location ensures a wide variety of fresh Mediterranean fish and seafood, but a lot of inland produce is also important to Malaga’s cuisine. Dishes to try include gachas made from wholewheat bread and anise seeds, or Malaga cabbage stew made with a whole host of ingredients including chicken, beef, pumpkin and green beans. If you really want to understand and experience the cuisine of Malaga, there are organised food tours available in the city where you can enjoy Malaga’s cuisine at its most authentic. Book one of our excellent discount holidays with flight and hotel in Malaga and look forward to the culinary delights of the city along with its many attractions.

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