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Recommended flight + hotel deals

8 days / 7 nights
DepartingSat, 29 Feb 2020
GBH Hostel Volcanic Beach
29 Feb 2020 - 07 Mar 2020
From £104 per person
GBH Fuerteventura Paradise Surf - Rooms- Hostel
29 Feb 2020 - 07 Mar 2020
From £122 per person
GBH Fuerteventura Paradise Surf - Rooms
29 Feb 2020 - 07 Mar 2020
From £127 per person
8 days / 7 nights
DepartingSat, 14 Mar 2020
Casa Princess Arminda
14 Mar 2020 - 21 Mar 2020
TripAdvisor rating 3.5
From £207 per person
Agroturismo La Gayria
14 Mar 2020 - 21 Mar 2020
TripAdvisor rating 4.5
From £229 per person
Casa Campo de tiro Morro Negro
14 Mar 2020 - 21 Mar 2020
From £236 per person
8 days / 7 nights
DepartingSat, 23 May 2020
La Piramide
23 May 2020 - 30 May 2020
TripAdvisor rating 3.0
From £483 per person
Barceló Fuerteventura Thalasso Spa
23 May 2020 - 30 May 2020
TripAdvisor rating 4.5
From £721 per person
Barcelo Castillo Beach Resort
23 May 2020 - 30 May 2020
TripAdvisor rating 4.0
From £674 per person
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Holiday in Fuerteventura

Presentation of Fuerteventura

Located in the Atlantic Ocean near the north African coast, Fuerteventura is one of the Spanish Canary Islands. The island is over 60 miles in length and 20 miles wide making it one of the largest of the Canary Islands. Tourism is an important industry of the island thanks to its prime location guaranteeing great weather all year, its safe and excellent beaches and outstanding landscapes. At eDreams, we specialise in discount holidays to fantastic locations, and we invite you to check out our first-rate flight and hotel Fuerteventura deals. Starting with a flight from London to Fuerteventura or a flight from Manchester to Fuerteventura, you can be soon be relaxing in this beautiful island paradise.

Things to know before visiting Fuerteventura

As the Canary Islands belong to Spain, a European Union (EU) country, holders of British and other EU passports can take a flight to Fuerteventura without needing to obtain a visa beforehand. Other nationalities can contact any Spanish consulate to check their particular entry conditions. Car hire is available in Fuerteventura and can be very useful as a way of getting to see more of the island at your own pace. British driving licences are acceptable for driving on the island so remember to bring it with you if you want to hire a car. Browse our flight and hotel deals and look forward to an amazing holiday exploring Fuerteventura, whether you opt for car hire or private tours.

What is the weather in Fuerteventura?

One of Fuerteventura’s major attractions is its weather. Conditions are pleasant throughout the year, meaning lots of sunshine and very little rain. Average daily temperatures in January, the coolest month, range from around 59°F to 69°F. In August, the hottest month, they range from around 71°F to 82°F. The cooling effect of wind from the Atlantic Ocean prevents the island from becoming uncomfortably hot due to its proximity to the North African coast and scorching hot winds blowing from the Sahara Desert. The Atlantic winds also make it a great destination for surfers and winsurfers. With our first-rate flight and hotel deals, you can select a package holiday to Fuerteventura and enjoy the superb weather of the island day after day.

What to do in Fuerteventura?

There’s so much to do in Fuerteventura that you can’t ever get bored. Here are a few suggestions to give you a tantalising glimpse of what’s available on this gem of an island in the sun.

  • Beach fun: Fuerteventura is famed for its excellent beaches. The northeast of the island has some of the best beaches and you can enjoy all the fun of the beach from swimming and sunbathing to watersports including surfing, kiteboarding and more. Any map of the island will show countless beaches dotted around the coastline of the island.
  • Hike through the island's natural volcanic environment: Fuerteventura owes its existence to ancient volcanic undersea eruptions, and parts of the landscape at Corralejo in the northern part of the island are incredible. If hiking is an activity you enjoy, you’ll be amazed at this almost alien landscape as you walk past its lava craters and strange geological formations. Keep in mind, though, that there's no shade in these parts, so you'll need adequate protection from the sun.
  • Enter the Ajuy Caves: Located near the village of Ajuy in the west of the island, these caves are truly awe-inspiring. They also have a fascinating history having been used as a hideout by pirates. The village, too, is interesting and picturesque.
  • Visit Oasis Park Wildlife Reserve: Located in the south of the island, Oasis Park Wildlife Reserve is large and open with many species of animals and plants. Free bus tours are available and various shows are staged including a birds of prey show and sealions show. There are also good restaurant and refreshments facilities in the park.

Those are just a small sample of the many terrific attractions waiting to welcome visitors to the island. Check out our unbeatable holiday packages and book yourself a terrific holiday in Fuerteventura.

What to visit around Fuerteventura?

While Fuerteventura has no shortage of attractions to keep you entertained, it’s always nice to have a day out to other interesting places. Glass-bottomed boat trips from Corralejo Harbour in the north of the island to some of Fuerteventura’s neighbouring islands make a great day out. You can easily visit the islands of Lanzarote, and Lobos on a day trip. The tours usually include stop-offs for sunbathing on pristine beaches as well as swimming and snorkelling. Most tours also include lunch and refreshments on board. Book one of our all inclusive holiday packages with a flight and hotel in Fuerteventura to make the most of the island and its neighbours.

What to eat in Fuerteventura?

Atlantic seafood at its finest and freshest is readily available in Fuerteventura’s fine restaurants, and it really is delicious. For something more exotic, try majorero, a very tasty goat’s milk cheese supplied courtesy of the island’s large population of goats. Fuerteventura is the originator of this delicacy, which is prized all over Spain, and there’s even a majorero museum in the centre of the island. Papas arrugadas is another local food. It’s a dish of wrinkled potatoes, boiled and served with chilli and garlic sauce. Many visitors, like the locals, love it; others find it more of an acquired taste. Of course, you can always find more familiar international foods, but tasting and testing the local cuisine is an adventure in itself and a highly recommended part of the fantastic Fuerteventura experience. Browse our great selection of flight and hotel deals, and enjoy the culinary delights of the island with our first-class package holiday in Fuerteventura.

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