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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Seville

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Flight and hotel in Seville

Presentation of Seville

Seville, the capital of Spain’s southern Andalusian region, is a city with an ancient past. Here, you will find elaborate Moorish palaces and spectacular Gothic churches, atmospheric taverns and quaint medieval streets scented with orange blossom. It is a place steeped in history and tradition, where echoes of the past are felt around every corner and in every square. But Seville has always been a city with a vibrant, intoxicating soul – from the flamenco clubs to contemporary art galleries and exciting world-class cuisine, you will find a city that lives for today and looks forward to the future. A holiday to Seville is an experience into the beating heart of Andalusia, so pick up your castanets and book a flight to Seville today.

Things to know before visiting Seville

Seville is one hour ahead of the UK. Spain is a member of the European Union and the currency is the euro. You’ll probably fly into Seville Airport if catching a flight from London to Seville or a flight from Manchester to Seville. This is one of the busiest airports in Spain and serves Western Andalusia as well as neighbouring regions. It is just six miles from Seville and a taxi will take about 15 to 20 minutes into the city centre. Alternatively, you can catch an EA city bus, which arrives in the Plaza de Armas in about 35 minutes. Compare holidays and see out how cheap you could get a flight and hotel in Seville.

What is the weather in Seville?

Seville has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers reminiscent of northern Africa – if you like heat, then go on holiday to Seville in summer, as it’s one of the warmest cities in Europe. Average daytime temperatures during this time are typically around 35 degrees Celsius and can be higher. The warm weather continues into September but starts to abate and by October, it’s about 25 degrees. The first rains start to fall now and continue through winter, though they’re never abundant. Winter is mild, with daytime about 15 degrees and rarely below 10. You’ll find great flight and hotel deals throughout the year.

What to see in Seville?

A holiday to Seville, southern Spain’s cultural capital, could take in the following popular sights:

  • Santa Cruz – the main tourist region, where you’ll find the Alcazar of Seville, Seville Cathedral and many other monuments.
  • Alcazar of Seville – an iconic Moorish royal palace with beautiful gardens and courtyards, and ornate arches and interiors.
  • Seville Cathedral – an impressive Gothic cathedral with a Moorish bell tower and panoramic city views.
  • Plaza de Espana – Seville’s main square with an elegant pavilion, water feature and ceramic tiles.
  • Parque de Maria Luisa – a scenic park with gardens, monuments and fountains.
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Seville – a 17th-century palace featuring historic artwork.
  • Macarena – a bohemian neighbourhood with vintage shops, markets, art studios and tapas bars.

Check out our flight and hotel deals for your pick of Seville’s attractions.

What to eat in Seville?

Andalusian cuisine is typified by slow-cooked, delicately spiced meat dishes – such classic dishes include rabo de toro (stewed bull's tail or oxtail) and carrillada de cerdo (pork cheek, slow-cooked in tomato sauce). Carne en salsa is meat (usually pork or beef) stewed in a tomato and red wine sauce. Other popular dishes you might encounter on a holiday to Seville include solomillo al whiskey (fried pork loin in whiskey), flamenquines (deep fried ham and goat’s cheese in pork loin) and espinacas con garbanzos (spiced spinach and chickpeas). If you’re after a lunchtime sandwich, the city’s favourite is serranito de lomo, with seared pork loin and serrano ham. For dessert, try torrijas – fried bread pudding sweetened with milk, sugar or honey. Whet your appetite with our discount holidays and plan your trip today.

What to bring from Seville?

Foodie items to bring home include tortas del aceite, simple cakes fried in olive oil (often dipped in coffee or hot chocolate) and orange wine, an Andalusian speciality. Orange blossom water is used in baking or as a home or body perfume. Hand-painted fans take the edge off the city heat and make gorgeous gifts or mementos, while colourful, glamorous flamenco dresses are as Andalusian as they come. Complete the outfit with a striking hand-embroidered shawl and a hair comb.

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