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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Beirut

Holiday in Beirut

Presentation of Beirut

Beirut is one of the world’s most ancient nations, with over 5,000 years of history. As Lebanon’s coastal capital, it has a thriving population of wealthy locals. Yacht clubs and resorts are sprinkled along its flanks, making travel packages to Beirut luxurious and adventurous. Tourists wander through its cafes and museums in search of a new nation — one that celebrates its past as much as it does its future. All inclusive holiday packages will guide you through souks and bohemian neighbourhoods that have an ambience quite unlike that of any other city. It’s known as the Paris of the middle east for good reason: it has a wealth of heritage spanning centuries, which is expressed through art, cuisine, and culture. If you’re planning last minute vacation packages and a flight to Beirut, we’ll make sure you experience the tour of a lifetime.

Things to Know Before Visiting Beirut

When you book a flight and hotel in Beirut, you’ll need to obtain a visa at the airport, which will last a month. Flight and hotel deals come with plenty of transport options, from Ubers to taxis and careems. Careems are ride-sharing service providers that are usually stationed in crowded tourist spots. Since lira are difficult to dispose of outside the country, it’s best to exchange your currency for U.S. dollars, which are accepted by most merchants. If you need an internet connection or a mobile charge point, they’re offered by many businesses and casual cafes. Book your flight to Beirut and begin arranging your next holiday.

What is the Weather in Beirut

Low-cost holidays in summer fall between June and September. The rainy season between January and December is cool and comfortable. August will provide the driest weather, and if you prefer a chill in the air, visit during January and February. Temperatures rise to a maximum of about 31 degrees Celsius. Compared to most Mediterranean climates, Beirut has low humidity levels throughout the year. Extreme weather is rare, so you can visit during any season. Call us to help you plan all inclusive vacations in Beirut.

What to do in Beirut

Holiday packages in Beirut deliver a true east-meets-west experience. Its locals are trendy and obsessed with all things fashionable, so you’ll find many exciting fashion houses there. The National Museum displays archaeological artefacts and sarcophagi alongside an overview of its history. MIM offers an exhibit of minerals, while St George Crypt Museum presents a range of medieval and Byzantine artefacts. The Souk El Tayeb has street food and specialty ingredients, and if you enjoy horse racing, visit the Hippodrome on a Sunday. The exquisite Mohammed Al Amin Mosque is a spiritual centre well worth visiting. It was built in 2009 and is an icon of architectural beauty. Families can keep the children busy at Planet Discovery, which has a science museum, art workshop, and arcades.

The well-manicured gardens of Sanayeh have playgrounds, skating paths, and water features equally appropriate for children. Visit for a picnic and rent bicycles to carry you through the landscape. Dar El Nimer presents dynamic art exhibitions alongside historical manuscripts and crowning examples of Lebanese artisanship. Beirut doesn’t spend much time at the seaside, but its limestone Pigeon Rocks are an important landmark surrounded by dining spots. If you’re visiting during October, you’ll find an extra dose of culture at the Beirut International Film Festival, which shows films from around the Middle East. If you’re planning travel packages in Beirut, we’ll make sure you plan an adventurous itinerary.

What to Eat in Beirut

Vacation package deals in Beirut will introduce you to a huge variety of cuisine including French and Armenian dishes. The city is multi-cultural, but don’t miss traditional manakish and fava-bean stew. Man’oush bakeries are scattered throughout the city and serve traditional fatteh, a chickpea flatbread served with yoghurt. If you’re craving a hearty meal, try bayd bi awarma, a lamb and egg confit. Flight and hotel deals should also include a meal at Varouj, which serves both Armenian and Lebanese dishes. Call us to arrange a flight from Manchester to Beirut and begin your gastronomic adventure.

What to Bring from Beirut

For a unique holiday with a wealth of heritage, book your flight from London to Beirut with us today.

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