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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Abu Dhabi

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Holiday in Abu Dhabi

Presentation of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi packs culture and adventure into every trip. On any given day, you’ll be able to hop onto the back of a camel, fly a falcon or hike through its perfectly preserved national parks. Travel packages to Abu Dhabi aren’t entirely influenced by its expansive desert. It has reserve land covered in Mangroves and riverside forests, too. There are crabs, flamingos and herons, all dependent on lush, watery biomes. The cityscape is as formative a characteristic as its dunes, and you’ll pass many adventurous days between the towering buildings. The wealth of the region means that all-inclusive holiday packages will introduce you to lifestyles you’ve never even dreamed of. Resorts will steep you in luxury without cutting you off from the fascinating local lifestyle. Your flight from London to Abu Dhabi can be achieved without connecting flights and will carry you right into the heart of the region.

Things to know before visiting Abu Dhabi

Before you arrange your flight and hotel in Abu Dhabi, you’ll want to get to know a little about local customs. As a conservative destination, it has a dress code. In some areas, beachwear is the norm, but in public areas away from hotels, you might feel more comfortable in an extra layer. Semi-formal dress is expected in some hotels and restaurants, so stay away from open-toed sandals and T-shirts in the evenings. The UAE’s currency is the Emirati dirham, but larger stores usually accept credit cards. You can do exchanges at banks and hotels. Alcohol is forbidden in public areas, and displays of affection might offend the locals. There are few street names, so when you buy vacation packages in Abu Dhabi, make sure you also prepare a GPS-enabled device. Your flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi will carry you into an entirely new climate, so remember to wear a summer layer when you leave. Flight and hotel deals will ensure that you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of finding accommodation after an exhausting seven hours in the air.

What is the weather in Abu Dhabi

If your vacation in Abu Dhabi is scheduled for July, August or September, you’ll experience highs of up to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer months are humid, too, so pack breathable fabrics such as cotton – linen and synthetics aren’t recommended. All-inclusive vacations in Abu Dhabi during winter will still come with plenty of sunshine, although the nights can become slightly cooler. Low-cost holidays between November and April come with the most comfortable weather. You’ll need to pack warm clothing even if you visit during July, because air conditioning is often chilly.

What to do in Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the most exquisite buildings in the region, so when you plan travel packages in Abu Dhabi, make this a core part of your itinerary. The Qasr Al Hosn building is the oldest in the area and is seen as the foundation of the Emirates. A free exhibit will take you through the birth of the region. If you have a passion for Ferraris, Ferrari World will delight you. You’ll see wild shows and get to experience 20 high-speed rides. Yas Waterworld is perfect for cooling down in the midday heat, but for authentic Gulf culture, visit Dhow Harbor’s Al Mina Port and fish market. Corniche Beach is just around the corner. Marina Breakwater is home to some of the oldest parts of Abu Dhabi, boasting a Bedouin encampment and traditional souq. Last-minute vacation packages in Abu Dhabi should never leave the Emirates Palace unvisited. There’s a constant line-up of exhibitions and the first Emirati restaurant in the UAE nearby. Of course, holiday packages are incomplete without a dune-bashing trip in the desert.

What to eat in Abu Dhabi

Your flight to Abu Dhabi will probably introduce you to a little local cuisine, but continue your gastronomic tour when you land. The national dish is roasted lamb on skewers, with hazelnuts and rice. Traditional harees is a meat and wheat dish, slowly roasted in a clay pot. Underground cooking adds a unique flavour. If you prefer a little spice with your vacation package deals in Abu Dhabi, try Machboos – a meat or shrimp dish fried in a secret blend of spices. Flight and hotel deals often include a little fresh seafood. Madrooba is a salt-cured fish prepared in a flour and spice, then finished in a delicious sauce.

What to bring from Abu Dhabi