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Presentation of Dubai

There are no skylines quite as renowned and exquisite than Dubai’s. It has the world’s tallest skyscrapers and some of the most celebrated architecture in the design landscape. All inclusive holiday packages in the United Arab Emirates will let you experience desert safaris, wild rides, and rich culture. It’s a sprawling metropolis surrounded by manmade islands and coral reefs, but Dubai hasn’t ignored its heritage. It still has parks, historic districts, and exotic souqs. The city takes its luxury seriously, so it also has a $1 billion theme park and Michelin star cuisine. Travel packages to Dubai will delight shoppers with a massive mall the size of a small city. If you need last minute vacation packages for your flight to Dubai let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai

Dubai might be known for its modernity, but its rich history demands exploration. Plan a visit to Dubai Creek and the local museums. Contrary to popular belief, your flight and hotel in Dubai won’t demand that you omit champagne from your dinner table—the city has plenty of watering holes for foreigners. It also has beaches where you can cavort in westernised beachwear, so take your bikini along. Taxis are budget-friendly, so you won't require a car rental. While the weather in the city tends to be hot, hotels and shopping malls are air-conditioned, so take an extra layer of clothing with you. Flight and hotel deals needn’t be expensive. If you use ride-sharing apps and local restaurants, you can cut back on your expenses dramatically. Famous tourism hot spots are more expensive than the city's other areas, which makes budgeting quite easy to achieve. Book your flight from London to Dubai today.

What is the Weather in Dubai

Dubai’s temperatures rise to 32 degrees Celsius between June and August, but October and November are comfortably cooler. Low-cost holidays near the Northern desert belt tend to be humid and dry, but the city is also experiencing more rain than it did in the past. The cooler months of December to March are the most popular for obvious reasons. If you’re hunting for a trip outside of tourist season, August is ideal. January is the most crowded month. The city is quieter outside of half-term breaks, making June one of the quietest months for a trip. Contact us to arrange your all inclusive vacations in Dubai

What to do in Dubai

The famous Burj Al Arab is more than a landmark. Its luxurious interiors and dramatic island surroundings are beautiful enough to deserve a visit. When you’re there, do a little shopping and head upstairs for a cocktail at the Skyview Bar. Holiday packages should also include a trip to the city’s main museum, which will introduce you to the history of Bedouin lifestyles and the UAE’s –pre-oil days. There’s an archaeology exhibit and a towered fort that was once home to local rulers of the 19th century. Today, it presents a collection of traditional cannons and a palm—frond 20th century hut. If it’s excitement you’re searching for, IMG Worlds of Adventure will push up your adrenaline levels. It has over 20 rides with four themes and enough restaurants to keep every traveller happy. The Burj Khalifa is a marvel of modern engineering. It has the best observation decks in the city and a restaurant on one of its highest floors, but visit on a clear day to ensure adequate visibility. The Al Fahidi Historic District has been beautifully restored and now has a range of stores, cultural exhibits, and museums. It’s best explored on foot, and once you’ve moved through the area, stop by at the Al Seef waterfront development next to Dubai Creek.

The Jumeirah mosque is the most exquisite in the city and offers guided tours. No Dubai visit is complete without a stop at the Arabian Tea House, which has a menu crammed full of Emirati dishes. The beach at Jumeirah road is famous for its sports, so try out some kayaking or play a game of volleyball. After the sun sets, stroll to White Dubai, a glittering club with exceptional light shows. Avid shoppers will feel as though they’re in heaven when they walk through the world’s biggest mall, which has more than 1, 200 stores offering labels from across the globe. If you’re considering travel packages in Dubai, we’re your perfect travel partner.

What to Eat in Dubai

Dubai’s traditional food is spicy and addictive. Most dishes are based on rice, fish, or meat, which are prepared with olive oil and zaatar herbs. Manousheh is a speciality usually reserved for breakfast. It has akkawi cheese, labneh, and sweet jam to finish off minced lamb fillings and exotic toppings. Chelo kebabs are served with butter and scented basmati rice. Al machboos is a zesty stew that’s finished off with dried lemon. Vacation package deals in Dubai will keep vegetarian appetites satisfied, too. Try Tabbouleh, a spicy salad flavoured with blueberries and grape leaves. If you’re too hungry for a light dish, Fatteh is a more filling chickpea-based dish with a sauce topping. Flight and hotel deals are incomplete without authentic falafels, which are served with pita and hummus. Let us take care of your flight from Manchester to Dubai and help you plan a delicious gastronomic tour.

What to Bring from Abu Dhabi

Cheap holidays demand cheap shopping, so buy your gold jewelry at the souq, or take home a taste of vacation getaways in Dubai by packing camel milk chocolate, dates, and Arabic coffee. Dubai is also famous for its Persian rugs and Pashminas, and the traditional oudh is a well-loved fragrance with floral notes and woody undertones. If you know a coffee lover, bring a real Arabic coffee pot home to make the best of your Arabica coffee. But no matter what you choose, book your flight with us to make your UAE dreams come true.

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