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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Bora Bora

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Flight and hotel packages in Bora Bora

Presentation of Bora Bora

Your holiday to Bora Bora will find you stepping onto a beautiful island in the warm South Atlantic Ocean. It is only four miles wide by two miles long, but is surrounded by a sparkling blue lagoon and enclosed by even smaller islets, making it the most beautiful island in the world according to American author James Michener. Whether you have come here for a romantic getaway, to snorkel and dive in the turquoise waters or to explore the small villages and forests, Bora Bora has everything you could imagine for a vacation destination. We can find you the best low-cost holidays including a flight to Bora Bora so that you can match it to one of our excellent value hotel rooms to complete your perfect holiday package.

Things to know before visiting Bora Bora

If you are going on holiday to Bora Bora and you are from the UK you do not need a visa to enter French Polynesia, but your passport does need to describe you as a British Citizen. The currency used on the island is the French Pacific franc and it averages around 130 to the pound, but in many larger places and on the resorts you will also be able to pay using a credit card.

Bora Bora’s international airport is on one of its surrounding islands called Motu Mute, which is also the name of the airport itself. Being an island the only way to travel to the resorts or in fact onto the main island of Bora Bora is by boat, and these are usually organised by each of the resorts for their guests. To start your vacation in the right way, come to us for an amazing deal on a flight from London to Bora Bora or a flight from Manchester to Bora Bora. We can provide you with one of our fantastic holiday packages so that you can enjoy this wonderful island without a care in the world.

What is the weather in Bora Bora?

Because Bora Bora is in the South Pacific the weather is glorious all year round. There is never a bad time to visit and as such holidaymakers can enjoy the calm azure waters of the lagoon and the beautiful coral reef surrounding the island at any time of year. The average temperatures are always in the high 70s and 80s, cementing Bora Bora as an idyllic tropical island paradise. Our low-cost holidays are practically unbeatable, so book with us today and you can look forward to your holiday in Bora Bora being a vacation to remember.

Things to do in Bora Bora

The best way of travelling around the island when you are on holiday in Bora Bora is to cycle. It is possible to take taxis but why would you want to when the best of the island can be seen at a relaxed pace. In fact this is exactly how the locals like to live as their mantra is "Aita pea pea", which means "Don’t worry". If you would like to see around this lovely island, the best places to go are:

  • Mount Otemanu which is an extinct volvano.
  • The quaint village of Vaitape, the largest on the island.
  • Matira Point for a beautiful beach and the opportunity to take part in kitesurfing.

And of course, you are never far from one of the picture-perfect beaches located on the lagoon. If all this sounds too good to be true, book your holiday to Bora Bora with us and we will find you the best flight and hotel deals. That means that you can find out exactly how glorious this island is as soon as possible.

What to eat in Bora Bora?

Most people holidaying in Bora Bora will be staying in one of the resorts and if you do too, you will be able to choose from some lovely traditional Polynesian dishes. As this is an island, fish features heavily in some wonderful dishes like Poisson Cru, which is actually Tahiti’s national dish but frequently served here. It is made up of red tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, and tastes as fresh as it sounds. For something a little different you can venture to one of the local cafes that can be found between Vaitape and Matira Beach, or buy some snacks at one of the magasins which are small grocery stores throughout the island.

Alternatively, you can make it easy on yourself as we offer a wide range of excellently priced all inclusive holiday packages that mean you don’t even need to stray far from your resort. A perfectly simple solution to finding great food on your holiday to Bora Bora.

What to bring from Bora Bora?

The main town on the island, Vaitape, has a few gift shops for you to buy your souvenirs. Many resorts also have their own small shops and there are even some at the airport. Tahiti’s black pearls are famous around the world, and can be an excellent purchase to take home so that you remember your holiday in Bora Bora fondly. Pearls actually come in a range of colours, from green and yellow to pink, blue and silver, but the rarest are the black pearls that can be purchased here. If you would like something else that is easy to fit into your luggage, one of the colourful pareus would be perfect. These are sarongs that all the local women wear and they are beautifully printed in bright shades and patterns.

If you would like to replicate some of the dishes you can taste while on the island, you will want to take some vanilla pods or extract back home with you. Grown locally, this spice is fabulously flavourful and rich, and will enhance any home cooking. To be able to bring back these lovely souvenirs, book one of our discount holidays today so that you can begin your trip of a lifetime.

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