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Flight and hotel in Las Vegas

Presentation of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a sparkling oasis of bright lights and fun in the northern part of the Mojave Desert. The City that Never Sleeps is in excitement mode all day and all through the night. It doesn't matter if you book a flight from London to Las Vegas, or if you go with a flight from Manchester to Las Vegas. You get to the same fabulous destination. Entertainment, dining, nightlife, and people-watching - everything in Vegas is bigger, better, and brighter. Book your flight and hotel to ensure unforgettable Vegas fun.

What is the weather in Las Vegas?

Not surprisingly for a desert city, Las Vegas sees sweltering heat and very little rain. The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide a barrier that stops moist Pacific air from reaching the city. Spring and Fall are peak times for Vegas holidays. Plan your holiday package from March through May or September through November to enjoy moderate temperatures. The daytime average comes in at the low to mid-twenties.

In summer, the air is hot and dry with an average temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. Rates are lower in the summer months, and you can score some really good Las Vegas holiday deals. But you have to love the heat, book your package holiday, and plan to spend a lot of time cooling off in the pool.

What to do in Las Vegas?

You'll never run out of things to do in this bustling city. If your heart is set on a special show or concert, reserve your tickets at the same time you book your flight and hotel to Las Vegas. There are lots of free attractions for low-cost holidays, and you're only limited by the length of your stay. Some things you may want to fit into your trip include:

Book your flight, and book your activities to reserve your spot in the excitement.

Places to visit in Las Vegas

The Strip may be the modern face of Las Vegas, but Fremont Street is an upgraded blast from the city's past. When you book your holiday deal to Las Vegas, don't forget about the Fremont experience. Stroll along the aisles of the Neon Museum, and get a good look at some of the retired bright lights of the city. Neon still rules on Fremont Street, but Viva Vision is the new generation in light shows. A canopy that runs the length of the street becomes the video screen for these spectacular six-minute shows. Every hour after the sun sets, amazing themed visuals fill the canopy with images and light. And perfect for low-cost holidays, Fremont Street offers free outdoor concerts by entertainers such as Everclear, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Eddie Money. Check out the events calendar, and get your flight to Vegas booked.

What to visit around Las Vegas?

Grand Canyon tours leave Vegas daily – you don't want to miss out on this trip. Depending on how you want to travel, you can make this an afternoon jaunt, or you can stretch it out into a full-day sightseeing adventure. There are so many awe-inspiring sights at this Natural Wonder of the World. If time is limited in your holiday package plans, take the all-air helicopter tour. Leave Vegas in the early afternoon, cruise around in the depths of the canyon, and get back to the city in time for dinner. If you've got more time, stay on the ground, and take a day-trip bus tour. It's a longer trip with a more leisurely pace, and it's a good fit for a cheap Las Vegas holiday.

Take a short 15-mile trip to the northeast of the city, and catch a NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Watch the stock cars jockey for position on the oval track, or witness the high-power dragsters as they burn up the quarter-mile strip in just over one second. If you want to test your driving skills, get behind the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and take it for a spin on the Exotics Racing Course. Maybe this is all the motivation you need to book your flight to Las Vegas.

What to eat in Las Vegas?

The food scene is wide open in Las Vegas. Whether you choose fine dining or low-cost holiday eats, if you crave it, you can find it. If you want to go buffet-style, you can find breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets serving everything from foie gras to vanilla French toast. Filet Mignon, roasted cauliflower steak, chicken and waffles – whatever you want. Do you fancy fresh-made gourmet donuts? Treat your taste buds with a cheesecake or banana cream pie donut from Pink Box. For outstanding cocktails and premium seafood, follow the off-duty chefs to Other Mama. Book your Las Vegas holiday deal, and don't spend a second fretting about food.

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