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Flight & hotel holiday deals to San Francisco

Flight and hotel packages in San Francisco

Presentation of San Francisco

San Francisco is a picturesque city built around the bay, and although it was founded in 1776 it really took off during the gold rush of the mid-1850s. With its beaches and parks, museums and art galleries, and a relaxed Californian vibe this city is a perfect place to spend your time. From the fantastic wine country to the artists’ enclaves in Sausalito, there is so much to see and do here you’ll never want to leave. To enjoy its natural beauty and welcoming people contact us today to get the best discount holidays including a flight to San Francisco. We can’t wait to find you the perfect deal for your holiday in San Francisco so that you can experience this incredible city for yourself.

Things to know before visiting San Francisco

San Francisco’s airport is about 13 miles outside the city and has the usual hire car options, taxi stands and shuttle buses. However, the quickest and cheapest way into the city when you arrive for your holiday in San Francisco is by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) which is the train line into the centre. With us, you can get one a low-cost holidays which include a flight from London to San Francisco or a flight from Manchester to San Francisco as well as your choice of hotel for the best prices.

What is the weather in San Francisco?

San Francisco has a more temperate climate than other places in California like Los Angeles, which means it is not as stiflingly hot in the summer months. It is worth taking a light jumper when you go on holiday to San Francisco in case some of the mornings start off with fog over the bay, but this usually burns off during the day so that it warms up a little. Contact us so that we can find that perfect low-cost holiday for you and you’ll soon be there enjoying this great city.

Things to do in San Francisco

Instead of taking a holiday to San Francisco, you’ll have to move here permanently and become a local if you hope to see all the sights that you should visit. There are so many things to see and do that a complete list would take pages. In the interests of brevity, these are absolutely unmissable:

If you want to see as much as you can in a short amount of time, they also have open-topped buses that go to many of the famous San Francisco locations. You can get on and off as you wish, so it is possible to spend a little longer in some places if you would like. Let us help you find the best flight and hotel deals to start your holiday off in the right fashion.

What to eat in San Francisco?

The House of Prime Rib has been serving this delicious meat for over 70 years and they certainly know their stuff. It is juicy, tasty and carved just for you at your table, and with a fantastic wine list as well this is one of San Francisco’s gems. If you are looking for a dessert on your holiday to San Francisco, you won’t do better than Humphrey Slocombe’s. Affectionately known as Humpslo, they are located on Harrison Street and serve the most delicious and unusual ice-cream flavours. It may not be early in the morning when you eat it, but recommend the Secret Breakfast is highly recommended. It contains caramelised cornflakes which is the breakfast part, but the secret ingredient is the bourbon base; delicious and naughty all at the same time. You’ll be tasting the best of San Francisco before you know it.

What to bring from San Francisco?

If you can visit San Francisco Mercantile you can find some authentic souvenirs that you might have trouble sourcing at Pier 39 or other tourist hangouts. You can find it on Haight Street and it has many high-quality gifts and curios designed by local artists that are perfectly affordable. One thing you will find everywhere are mementos of some of the sights that you will see on your holiday in San Francisco like the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz, but if you head over to the artist community in Sausalito, you can find some lovely hand-crafted creations. We have many low-cost holidays just waiting for you, so get in touch today and you can take your pick of these souvenirs when you visit this fabulous city.

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