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Presentation of Beijing

Beijing is home to some of the largest buildings in the world. It also has six Unesco World Heritage sites, including the incredible Forbidden City. You’ll find temples, the Great Wall, and several crowning achievements in architectural innovation. Travel packages to Beijing are always filled with culture. It's known as the heart of China for that reason. Its modern lifestyles are electrifying, presenting artistic heritage in the form of live music venues, performing arts presentations, and even classical dance. All inclusive holiday packages for historical tourists should include Tiananmen Square, which is known for the near-riot that followed the death of Zhou Enlin. If you need last minute vacation packages and a flight to Beijing let us help you to develop an itinerary that fits you uniquely.

Things to Know Before Visiting Beijing

Your flight and hotel in Beijing will require a tourist Visa from your local consulate. These usually last two months and give you the option to extend. Flight and hotel deals are guided by a star rating guide, and foreigners can usually only access three-star accommodation and above. You can exchange currency at most hotels and banks, but cash advances can only be arranged at the Bank of China. Major credit cards are accepted, and most hotels provide access to a doctor. You’ll need 220-volt power supplies or converters for your two and three-pin plugs, which most five star hotels offer. Potable water isn’t provided at all hotels, but you’ll find bottled offerings sold throughout the city. Taxis and trains are widely available, but carry your passport in case of security checks. Book your flight from London to Beijing with us today.

What is the Weather in Beijing

Low-cost holidays in the area will come with continental monsoon weather. Autumn is comfortable and sunny, while spring comes with dry air and wind. Summer temperatures are prone to heat waves, and the winters are chilly thanks to Siberian winds. Tourists favour September, October, March, and May, which avoid the extremes of winter and summer. June and August receive heavy rains, and July has an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The sun goes down at 17:00 during winter, so attractions often close early. However, the chilly temperatures come with snow, so you'll get the chance to see the Ice Lantern Festival and participate in a range of snow-based sports. Call us for guidance for your all inclusive vacations in Beijing

What to do in Beijing

If you’re planning holiday packages that explore Beijing’s art world, the 798 Art District has more contemporary art galleries than any other area. You’ll find Communist-era art at the industrial complex and Bauhaus pieces at the 798 Art Factory. The Confucian Temple of Heaven Park has 267 hectares of cypress-decorated ground. The temple halls are some of China’s best depictions of Confucius’ spirituality-based architectural values. The 1530 Imperial Vault of Heaven has been beautifully restored and is home to winter solstice ceremonies. Echo Wall is a surreal experience best reserved for quiet periods. The Beijing Capital Museum covers 850 years of local history and has scaled replicas of much of the city. The Beijing Opera brings something unique to music enthusiasts. Its massive stage and gifted performers make it an experience nobody should miss. The Forbidden City covers 180 acres of land and was once thought of as the centre of the world. It was once home to the Ming dynasty, so it’s one of the most important historical sites to explore. If you’re planning travel packages in Beijing, we’ll help you craft a magical itinerary.

What to Eat in Beijing

Beijing’s food is delicious. Try rich Peking Duck the way it was always intended to be made. Zhejiang noodles are a light dish served with sprouts, radish, and bean sauce. Lu Zhu Huo Shao is a meat broth dish with pork, tofu, and lung. Beijing loves its Chao Ganer, which is a pork liver stew prepared with soy and garlic. Guan Chang is an addictive snack of stuffed, fried sausage. Vacation package deals in Beijing will also bring you some of the globe’s most delectable desserts. Lvdagun is a local favourite made from red bean paste and sticky rice and should be included in gastronomic flight and hotel deals. Let us help you plan your gastronomic tour and flight from Manchester to Beijing

What to Bring from Beijing

Book your flight from London to Beijing to experience one of the East’s most precious jewels.

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