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Flight and hotel packages in Hong Kong

Presentation of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was passed from British hands to be made a Chinese Special Administrative Region in 1997. This allowed it to remain pretty much as it was, even though it was now ostensibly part of China. It has also enabled it to become a major manufacturing hub and gateway into mainland China, while still being a bustling Euro-esque city with a fantastic atmosphere and friendly people. With a mix of Eastern and Western cultures it is unique in this part of the world and has a great nightlife and incredible cultural experiences. If you are considering holiday deals to Hong Kong, contact us so that we can find you one of our low-cost holidays and a cheap flight to Hong Kong.

Things to know before visiting Hong Kong

The international airport in Hong Kong is about 24 miles away from the city itself, although the transport options into the city are excellent and easy to navigate. There is no requirement for visitors holding a UK passport to have a visa as long as you are staying for less than 6 months, which makes the trip here even easier. If you would like a flight from London to Hong Kong or a flight from Manchester to Hong Kong get in touch with us today and get an excellent price on your holiday package.

What is the weather in Hong Kong

The weather in Hong Kong is usually lovely and warm, although if you are travelling in the winter months it can be useful to pack a jumper for the chillier nights. During the day, however, if it gets a little too hot, you can escape it very easily. The whole place is set up for you to travel from one side of the city to the other within lovely air-conditioned buildings. It takes a little practice but it is surprisingly easy to travel through corridors and pathways between shopping centres and department stores. And that isn’t the only benefit as this is also a great trick to find out-of-the-way restaurants. Because it is a busy city with a large population, some of the restaurants and bars in Hong Kong are on the higher floors of buildings and not visible from street level. For the best holiday deals to Hong Kong, contact eDreams today and look forward to a great, all inclusive vacation.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is perfectly set up for visitors, and the easiest way to see as much as you can is to get on one of the open-topped bus tours. They are designed to allow you to hop on and off so you can see as much or as little as you want on foot. Victoria Peak is also worth a visit, but no climbing is involved as you can ride sedately to the top on the Peak tram, the terminus being only a short walk from Central. Other sights that you should definitely fit into your itinerary are:

After a day of sightseeing, head to Lan Kwai Fong for food and drink. Known as LKF, it is a street full of bars and restaurants, and is the centre of nightlife for the city. Book your flight and hotel deals with us as soon as you can to see all of these amazing sights on your holiday to Hong Kong.

What to eat in Hong Kong?

We have all heard of dim sum in Chinese restaurants in the UK, but Hong Kong dim sum is a joy to behold. Traditionally served with tea, there are many tea houses here that are perfect to try this delicacy including the Lin Heung Teahouse, which manages to serve fabulous food alongside a great atmosphere. Roast goose is something else that can only be experienced properly while in Hong Kong, and with its secret spices, juicy meat and crispy skin it is delicious from beginning to end. You can try it at Yat Lok, a Michelin-starred restaurant on Stanley Street. If these suggestions are making your mouth water, book a flight and hotel deal with us and you will soon be enjoying them on your holiday to Hong Kong.

What to bring from Hong Kong?

For quintessentially Hong Kong souvenirs head to the Temple Street or Ladies Street Markets on the Kowloon Peninsula. If you are into anime, then go to In’s Point in Yau Ma Tei as it has everything from mugs to manga.

Jade is easy to find and, as the Chinese think it is essential for positive energy and good health, it may do more than just remind you of Hong Kong. For the trip of a lifetime, contact us today and choose from our great selection of cheap holidays in Hong Kong.