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There is only one word to describe Italy: decadent, with its incredible history, outstanding museums and wonderful ruins. Don't even mention its food (or wine) as it is one of the most loved gastronomy in the world. Italy does not only cater to history buffs and gourmands, it also has superb nature from resplendent mountains and lush valleys to breathtaking lakes and pretty beaches. A visit to the country is a guaranteed good time, though leaving the country is the hardest thing to do. Guests on flights to Italy will arrive at the following airports: Leonardo da Vinci, Pisa or Milan-Malpensa. Important airlines that operate in the country include British Airways, Air China, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and Air France.

The eternal city of Rome is the beautiful capital of Italy. Remnants of a very powerful civilisation are evident in the ruins, ampitheatres, museums, monuments and landmarks that spring in every corner of the city. Wander through beautiful villas, explore Vatican City or discover the delectable dining scene. Rome is for everyone, young or old - there is no doubt a visit to the city will be memorable. Then there is the second largest city in the country, Milan, considered the heart of the nation's economy famous for its fashion shows, fabulous shopping and the 'Last Supper' of Leonardo da Vinci. Of course there's a lot more to Milan than these with heart-wrenching operas, outstanding views at the Duomo roof or a sumptuous meal in a café to be enjoyed.

Italy can boast as having some of the best airlines in the world with Alitalia being rated as one of the top 15 airlines in the world, according to the Best Airlines 2017 study, based on eDreams customer reviews received during 2016.

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