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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Boston

Flight and Hotel Packages in Boston

Presentation of Boston

Boston was originally settled by the Puritans that set sail from England in the 1600s. It is also where the American Revolution began and you can feel the pride in its history oozing from every pore. Situated on Massachusetts’ Shawmut Peninsula, Boston is the epitome of New England charm and gentility mixed with an all-American love of sports. From the excitement surrounding all Red Sox games at Fenway Park, to the thrill of the ice hockey and sailing in the bay, this is a city that is always fun to visit. Let us help you find the ideal flight to Boston so you can begin your holiday in Massachusetts with one of the best holiday packages around.

Things to know before visiting Boston

Logan International Airport is only 3 miles outside Boston and has excellent transport links into the city. There is also a newly created RCC (Rental Car Center), and this is a central point to head for if you have hired a car. There is also a subway and the Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit service, both heading straight into downtown Boston to make transfers incredibly easy. To continue with this simplicity, why not let us find you a low-cost holiday so that your flight and hotel in Boston can start your perfect holiday the way you mean to go on.

Things to do in Boston

The Freedom Trail is an excellent start to exploring Boston and very easy to follow as it is a red route built into the pavement. At only 2.5 miles long, it takes you to all the main historical points within the town including Paul Revere’s House, and if that is too much for you it is very simple to leave and pick it up in the same place again another day. The beautiful Boston Public Gardens are also unmissable if only for the swanboats and the sculpture of the mother duck and her ducklings. For holiday packages including a flight from London to Boston or flight from Manchester to Boston, we can find you the best deal. Make sure you let us find your perfect flight and hotel in Boston so you can have the best time away.

Places to visit near Boston

The countryside surrounding Boston is beautiful particularly if you manage to go in the autumn. The colours of the trees and shrubs are almost unbelievable, but New England is such an attractive place it will still give you many photo opportunities whenever you visit. If you hire a car to take you a little outside the city, there are many places you could choose to see:

If you fancy experiencing any of these on your holiday to Boston, call us today so that we can find you the best flight and hotel deals.

What to eat in Boston?

Boston has a great culinary tradition and has many unique dishes that simply have to be tried to be believed. New England chowder is a must as is their lobster roll, and you can try both at Neptune Oyster on Salem Street. It isn’t a large restaurant but it is very popular so you might need to make a reservation. The seafood is amazing here but don’t be surprised if you are offered scrod. You’ll find it on most menus and it is a generic term for any white fish served as food, so could be cod, haddock or something else. As is the case with all the local seafood here though, it is definitely worth a try as the Bostonians certainly know how to cook. If you are looking for the perfect holiday to Boston, get us to find you flight and hotel deals. You won’t be disappointed.

What to bring from Boston?

As sports are a big part of Boston life, shirts or caps of the local teams can be an excellent reminder of a great holiday. Whether you prefer the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots or the Celtics, there are many places in Boston to buy your souvenirs, from TD Garden Pro on Legends Way to the Yawkey Way store if you are heading anywhere near Fenway Park.

Alternatively, you can pop into Shreve, Crump and Low, an old jewellery store that has Boston-themed items that you can wear, as well as key chains and other memorabilia. The cutest ones are the ducklings and swanboats you may have seen if you visited the public gardens. For cheap package holidays and great holiday deals to Boston, contact us today and we will be the first step to a fantastic getaway.