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Presentation of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an idyllic island in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is unusual in that it is divided equally between French and Dutch ownership, with the main cities being Marigot on the French side and Philipsburg on the Dutch. Both communities join to make one fabulously beautiful and friendly paradise island which is ideal for both beach holidays and hiking or exploring trips alike. If you would like to experience a holiday in Saint Martin, organise a flight to Saint Martin with us and we can find you fantastic holiday packages to go with it. When a destination is this spectacular, you will want to be getting there as soon as you can.

Things to know before visiting Saint Martin

The currency situation is a little different here as each part of the island has its own. The French side use euros as they do in France, but the Dutch side uses guilders which are no longer in use in Europe at all. Luckily, you can use US dollars throughout the island which makes everything a little easier, and you can also take US dollars out of cashpoints everywhere. This, however, will be more economical on the Dutch side as they will charge you an exchange rate from euros on the French side.

There is no border crossing between the French and Dutch areas and as a UK citizen you will not need a visa to enter for your holiday to Saint Martin. The airport is on the Dutch side of the island and you can organise your transfer beforehand or catch a taxi when you land. Book a flight from London to Saint Martin or a flight from Manchester to Saint Martin with us today and we will find you the best hotel to match it with one of our fantastic discount holiday packages.

What is the weather in Saint Martin?

If you are searching for perfect Caribbean weather on a beautiful tropical island, look no further. Your holiday to Saint Martin will benefit from its stable climate, with temperatures rarely falling below 20 degrees, and it is more likely that they will be in the high 20s or low 30s. Waste no more time and call us today to book one of our excellent value flight and hotel deals.

Things to do in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a volcanic island with a rugged landscape and glorious sandy beaches. If you want to see some of the most beautiful beaches on your holiday to Saint Martin you can visit:

  • Long Bay for its pelicans and white sands.
  • Orient Bay which attracts the rich and famous for its dreamlike perfection.
  • Dawn Beach with fine sand and an array of coconut trees.
  • Little Bay which is a haven for bird life.

As well as the beaches, you can visit Loterie Farm if you enjoy exciting challenges as they have an obstacle course and zip line. For more extreme fun, Rainforest Adventures has the world’s steepest zip line for your enjoyment. Alternatively, you can take a hike around Pic Paradis, the island's highest peak, or just relax in the Butterfly Farm. With all these possibilities you should book one of our discount holidays as soon as you can to see them for yourself.

What to eat in Saint Martin?

The cuisine in Saint Martin includes French fine dining, Creole and spectacular street food and the prices to match. If you can afford the more elite restaurants, the menu is exemplary with extensive wine lists, but it is equally easy to find delicious food for a mere fraction of the price. At this end of the scale you can find the most amazing food in one of the lolos, which is the local name for the barbecue shacks dotted all over the island. From grilled snapper to chicken and ribs, you won’t have sampled better anywhere else. If you can’t wait to taste these delights on your holiday to Saint Martin, call us today and book one of our special flight and hotel deals to experience them for yourself.

What to bring from Saint Martin?

The markets they have in the larger towns, particularly Marigot, are an ideal place to look for souvenirs as they have a varied array of locally made arts and crafts as well as spices grown on the island. When you are on your holiday in Saint Martin, you should also take a trip to Front Street in Philipsburg as this has many different shops where you can find local guavaberry liqueur, jerk rub to revolutionize your cooking once you return home, and paintings of the island. Get in touch so we can help you find one of our low-cost holidays today, and enjoy this lovely Caribbean island in person.

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