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Presentation of Sao Paulo

This eclectic city is located in the south-eastern highlands of Brazil, and is about 45 miles from the coast. Sao Paulo is a bustling and cosmopolitan city and is the largest in Brazil, with the variety and excitement you can expect from a big metropolis. If you would like to enjoy the warm and friendly people as well as the cuisine and spectacular vistas that a holiday in Sao Paulo will deliver, book a flight to Sao Paulo with us today. We can find excellent flight and hotel deals so that you can soon be experiencing this vibrant city yourself.

Things to know before visiting Sao Paulo

The currency in Brazil is the real and you can use credit cards almost everywhere. As a UK citizen you will not need a visa to enter the country on your holiday to Sao Paulo, but keep hold of your immigration landing card as you will need it when you leave. Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport is about 16 miles out of the city itself but if you are landing at rush hour be aware that traffic may cause you delays. For convenience there are the usual transfer options such as shuttle buses, local buses, hire cars and taxis which can transport you and your luggage safely to your hotel. Call us today and book a flight from London to Sao Paulo or a flight from Manchester to Sao Paulo. We can supply you with great discount holidays so that you can find the best flight and hotel to Sao Paulo today.

What is the weather in Sao Paulo?

The weather in Sao Paulo is very similar to Rio in that it is reasonably warm without much variation throughout the year. Sao Paulo also has mild and dry winters, although it is not like a winter we know. The temperatures can dip to the mid teens but generally during the year, the high temperatures are in the 20s. For the best holiday in Sao Paulo you can afford, why not book one of our discount holidays and see this lovely country for yourself.

Things to do in Sao Paulo

Your holiday to Sao Paulo is perfect if it is culture you are looking for, and the best museums to visit are these:

  • The Sao Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) is on Paulista Avenue and holds a massive array of Brazilian art.
  • The Football Museum is dedicated to the beautiful game and how it has evolved in Brazil in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • The Pinacoteca has a vast amount of sculptures and paintings both local and European.
  • Catavento Cultural has amazing interactive and educational exhibits to interest both adults and children alike.

If you are near to MASP on a Sunday you should visit one of the two markets to experience street food, entertainment and incredible things for sale. You can even have a rest in the Parque Ibirapuera and take in the fabulous architecture, lakes and open spaces. To visit this lovely city, book one of our discount holidays so that you can see it for yourself as soon as possible.

What to eat in Sao Paulo?

Sao Paulo is fantastic for street markets and you will be able to try pastel, a deep-fried pastry, in any of them. Filled with all sorts of delicious flavours ranging from meat, cheese, or even fruit and chocolate, these have to be tasted to be believed. Another popular type of street food is the coxinha, a fried and breaded pastry with chicken and cheese filling, and you can’t leave your holiday in Sao Paulo without tasting a mortadella sandwich. The mortadella sausage is actually Italian but is supremely popular here in Brazil and you can try these at the Municipal Market in Central Sao Paulo. To taste one of these wonders, book one of our discount holidays and find out for yourself how delicious they are.

What to bring from Sao Paulo?

Because Sao Paulo is such a diverse city, you will struggle to find the identikit souvenirs that most large cities seem to have. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy typically Brazilian items that will be totally evocative of your great holiday in Sao Paulo once you return home. If you visit Rua 25 de Marco you will be able to take your pick from many shops selling all manner of gifts. From carnival costumes to football kit, these shops stock everything, and hammocks are a particularly good buy as they are far more expensive outside Brazil.

Another excellent gift to buy is the local spirit known as cachaça. It is made from fermented sugarcane juice and as soon as you taste it you will be transported back to your fantastic vacation. All it takes to visit this wonderful Brazilian city is to book one of our low-cost holidays today and you will soon be here yourself.

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