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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Lagos

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Holiday in Lagos

Presentation of Lagos

If you’re looking for palm-fringed beaches, a delicious cuisine and interesting places to visit, Lagos is the city for you. Did you know that the name 'Lagos' comes from the Portuguese term for 'lagoon'? And it's true that the city certainly has miles of idyllic shoreline.

Our fantastic flight and hotel Lagos deals are the best way of getting to know this vibrant city, the capital of Nigeria and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Browse our selection of flights to Lagos before selecting accommodation from our vacation deals online today. Lagos is the fastest growing city in Africa and is a fascinating metropolis which much to offer people looking for an unforgettable holiday. Lagos has so much to offer from lively markets to modern shopping complexes, from sizzling street food to sumptuous restaurants. Compare holidays and discover the real Lagos, an eclectic city of contrasts that will excite and inspire you.

Things to know before visiting Lagos

If you’re looking to vacation in Lagos, it’s worth keeping in mind a few essential travel tips. Once you’ve decided on which of our package holidays in Lagos deals is for you, you can start planning your low-cost holiday in more detail. Before booking a flight to Lagos read some of our top tips:

What’s the weather in Lagos?

If you’re seeking balmy weather and sultry temperatures, Lagos is an ideal destination, whatever the time of year you’re planning to visit. With an average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, it's always warm! Lagos enjoys a tropical wet and dry climate and has two rainy seasons between April and July and October and November, as well as two distinguishable dry seasons. Many people choose to book a flight from London to Lagos during the cooler dry season, between August and September. Select one of our flight and hotel Lagos getaways during any month. If you would like to experience African sunshine, browse our brilliant range of cheap vacation packages and choose your holiday in Lagos now.

What to see in Lagos?

The expensive part of Lagos is concentrated on Lagos Island, the home of the financial district and commerce. With our cheap holidays to Lagos, you’ll be in line for some serious savings that you can put to good use exploring this beautiful city. There’s plenty to see in Lagos, such as Freedom Park, the Lekki Conservation Center, and the Nike Art Gallery. With our vacation deals, these mesmerizing sights are just a few clicks away.

What to do in Lagos?

Book one of our flight and hotel deals to Lagos and look forward to exploring one of the world's great megacities. There is no shortage of things to do, and techies will want to head straight to Computer Village in Ikeja, possibly the world's largest marketplace for all things tech-related. For a more tranquil experience, visit one of the numerous public or privately owned beaches on Lagos Island and relax on golden sands and swim in the waves. You will find all manner of beach-related activities, from horse-riding to jet-skiing and surfing. The weekends are the best time to enjoy the friendly and welcoming beach atmosphere. Why not book a flight from Manchester to Lagos? Getting to Lagos has never been easier!

What to eat in Lagos?

If you are planning to stay in Lagos via one of our all inclusive holiday packages, you can enjoy unlimited delicious food and drink in the hotel complex. However, if you feel like exploring West African cuisine, you are in for a treat. Try some local delicacies offered by street traders if you want to experience the 'real' Lagos, such as roasted yam and plantain, Jolof rice, smoked chicken and fish, all served with hot peppery sauce. Tempting and cheap! At the other end of the culinary spectrum, Lagos boasts many high-end restaurants, such as Villa Medici - a restaurant with French influences, and Metisse - an Asian fusion restaurant.