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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Athens

Holiday Deals in Athens

Presentation of Athens

One of the most famous cities of the ancient world, Athens is often said to be the cradle of Western culture. Despite its historic significance, the city of Athens is also an important tourist and business destination in its own right as a modern metropolis. Package holidays to Athens are rewarding experiences if you choose to mix sightseeing with a fair amount of relaxation and cultural exploration. Whatever makes a good city getaway in your eyes, Athens is likely to be able to deliver on all fronts.

As well as the modern neighbourhoods in the city which are full of concrete constructions, there is plenty of parkland to dive into. In recent years, the city's authorities have been putting together a plan to pedestrianise much of the city. In particular, efforts have been made to connect the major sites of antiquity by clearly laid out footpaths. This is because these sites tend to attract the greatest number of tourists. Over three million people live in the centre of Athens but there are many more in the city's suburbs. Discount holidays to Athens can often be found at the last minute, so why not consider booking yours today?

Things to know before visiting Athens

Like much of Greece, anyone booking holiday packages to Athens needs to know that the Western alphabet is not used widely. You will see recognisable lettering on road signs and at major tourist sites, but the Cyrillic alphabet tends to be used first. In smaller restaurants, you might have trouble reading the menu, but this is not commonly an issue in hotels or larger establishments. A direct flight from Manchester to Athens takes three hours and 40 minutes. The corresponding time for a flight from London to Athens is about ten minutes less. Nearly every UK flight to Athens lands at Eleftherios Venizelos, or Athens International Airport. The main terminal is split into two halls, A and B, with most European flights using the latter. Book your flight and hotel to Athens right now and discover its charm for yourself.

What is the weather in Athens?

Athens is a hot city in the summer. The average daily high in July and August is usually in the mid-30s °C. A summer holiday in Athens means being prepared to cover yourself in protective layers from the sun. In addition, visitors are advised to take some respite from the heat during the middle of the day when the sun's rays are at their strongest. Most Athenians do this and will stop work for a rest only to return in the cooler period of the afternoon. Rainfall is not common from June until early autumn. If you do experience some rain, then it is likely to be little more than a temporary shower and it won't spoil your day. In winter, Athens does experience some sub-zero temperatures but these are not common and are usually only felt at night. The record high that was ever recorded in the city was 44.8 °C. Why not compare holidays in Athens and find the right combination of accommodation and flights for you?

Things to do in Athens

With so many ancient sites like the Acropolis in the city to see, people who have booked discount holidays to Athens may be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing to actually do in the Greek capital. In fact, there are many fun activities you can take part in. One of the most popular recent trends in the city is to take a Greek cookery course. Bear in mind that some of these are only half a day long, so completing one won't compromise the rest of your holiday in Athens. Half-day rock climbing sessions can also be booked from several operators in the capital, if you want to do something a little more adventurous. Karting is another adrenaline-fuelled activity you might want to consider in Athens. The city has several outdoor circuits and a number of them provide taster sessions which are ideal for kids. For the culturally minded, try your hand at Greek dancing. Several studios dotted around the city provide lessons for novices. Book your getaway soon.

Areas to visit near Athens

Cheap holiday deals to Athens should include at least one trip out of the city. The port of Piraeus is just outside the main part of the city and serves as Athens' port. Close to the sea, it is often a bit cooler than the city centre and has plenty of good fish restaurants to enjoy. A short ferry ride from Piraeus is the island of Salamis. The ferry arrives after a few minutes journey at the northern end of the island at Paloukia. This town is much more typical of the rest of Greece than the busy city and offers a chance to relax in true Hellenic style. Many other destinations within easy reach are possible while enjoying a holiday in Athens, so book your flights now.

What to eat in Athens?

Although many holiday deals to Athens will include food as a part of the package, it would be a shame not to eat out once in a while in one of the city's tavernas. Athenian food is typical of the rest of Greece. Melitzana salata is served all over the country but is a particular favourite among locals in the capital. It is a simple aubergine salad and a great dish to order at lunchtime. Another tasty dish that is loved by all Athenians is stifado. This is a stew that is made up of onions and tomatoes. It comes with lamb or octopus and, occasionally, with rabbit. Tiropita is another delicacy worth trying if you see it on a menu. A type of cheese pie, it is a great snack at any time of the day. Look for the last minute holiday deals to Athens and book your break in this culinary city without delay.

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