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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Verona

Flight and hotel packages in Verona

Presentation of Verona

Verona is known as Northern Italy’s greatest asset. It’s famous for being the setting of one of the greatest love stories of all time, but the city offers so much more than its Shakespearean history. Travel packages to Verona will introduce you to some of the most delicious cuisines in the world – Italy loves its food almost as much as it loves its art. You’ll see Renaissance landscaping, historic settings from the 1350s, and Romanesque architecture. All-inclusive holiday packages will always cover Verona’s artistic heritage, with galleries featuring art from every century. The city is surrounded by mountains, which provide their own flavour. The Vicentine Alps and mountains around Lake Garda are prime hiking terrain, so if you need last-minute vacation packages and a flight to Verona, we’ll put together an adventurous itinerary.

Things to know before visiting Verona

Make the most of your flight and hotel in Verona by visiting the tourist office at the Porta Nuova railway station. Here, you’ll find out about public transport and any events that will be taking place during your stay. Flight and hotel deals are best guided by locals, who will tell you where to find the best cuisine and performances. UK visitors are required to get an Italian visa from their local consulate. Italy is a Schengen nation, so your travel medical insurance should apply to that area. Restaurants tend to open late, so plan for a 7pm dinner. You can exchange currency at ATMs for a nominal fee. Italians adore their couture, so don’t be afraid to dress up. Contact us today to arrange your flight from Manchester to Verona.

What is the weather in Verona

Low-cost holidays during summer will be dry and warm, with maximum temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius. Winters are rainy and rarely dip below 12 degrees, but summer showers are common. The best weather for travel occurs between May and July. August experiences the most heat waves, and January, the coldest temperatures. If you want to avoid rain, February comes with the driest days. Humidity levels are relatively high, with winter fog. Verona Arena opera season falls in August, so balance it against your weather preferences. We’ll help you to organise the perfect all-inclusive vacations to Verona.

What to do in Verona

The Arena was constructed in the first century and is Verona’s most recognised landmark. For more history, you can visit Juliet’s balcony, which doesn’t require an access fee, but if you want to enter the house it’s attached to, you’ll need a Verona Card. Holiday packages should also include the Roman Theatre, which hosts shows throughout summer. The Castelvecchio castle deserves a visit, if only for its museum of Veronese paintings and sculptures. The Duomo di Verona cathedral demonstrates Roman and Gothic design dating back to the seventh century. Verona is often called "little Rome" because its history and architecture mimics that of the famous city. The Arche Scaligere makes for a wonderful walk and is dotted with tombs and decorative monuments. Verona is also famous for its art, so visit the Dante Alighieri Statue and Galleria Dello Scudo. If it’s history you prefer, Studio La Citta and Federica Casanova will give you insight into one of the world’s oldest and most romantic cities. If you’re planning travel packages in Verona, we’ll make sure you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

What to eat in Verona

Vacation package deals in Verona always have a vibrant food culture, with Northern dishes being dominated by polenta, cured meats, and cheeses. As one of the most important towns in the Veneto wine region, it also takes its wine seriously. While you’re visiting, try risotto and Veneto’s signature pasta, bigoli. It’s served with duck, donkey or horsemeat. For your main meal, try cod, beef cheek and veal liver, which are often served with a traditional cream dish. Dolci is a Veronese dessert cake served with a range of sauces and creams. Risottos can be served with pancetta, ground pork or a special red wine. Flight and hotel deals often offer breakfast buffets serving Western dishes, so you won’t have to go without bacon and eggs for long. Let us help you to plan your flight from London to Verona.

What to bring from Verona

We’ll arrange your flight from London to Verona and help you plan an itinerary you'll remember for a lifetime.

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