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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Milan

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Flight and hotel in Milan

Presentation of Milan

Milan is largest city of the Lombardy region of northern Italy, with a population of over three million. It's known the world over as one of the planet's most stylish cities, and on holiday packages to Milan you'll discover spectacular fashions and some of Europe's most cutting-edge design. The city's wealth also comes from its many financial businesses; it's the home of the Italian stock exchange. At eDreams, our holiday deals to Milan aren't all about the latest fashions, however, as the city possesses some of the country's most beautiful buildings and many truly superb restaurants. Let us help you visit this jewel in northern Italy's crown and experience them for yourself.

Things to know before visiting Milan

Visiting Italy is easy and simple: UK citizens simply need a valid passport, and there are no visa requirements for visitors on package holidays to Milan. However, you'll need to carry ID with you at all times while you're in the country. Italy's infrastructure is very good, though before your flight to Milan you should take out the usual insurance and make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card in case of emergencies. There are three airports in the area: the closest is Linate, just five miles from the centre, where discount holidays to Milan often begin. The largest airport is Malpensa, around 35 miles from Milan itself. There's also Bergamo, commonly used by budget airlines. Get in touch today to find out more!

What is the weather in Milan?

Like other parts of lowland northern Italy, the city has a pleasantly warm, almost subtropical climate. If you enjoy hot, sunny weather, book your flight and hotel in Milan in midsummer, as then daytime temperatures often reach the high 20s Celsius. The sunniest month of all is July. Even in winter, cheap holidays to Milan may benefit from the Foehn wind effect, with temperatures well into the teens. The fog which used to be a major issue in the area is now less of a problem, thanks to changes in agriculture in the south of the city. Book with us at eDreams and we'll make sure you're happy whatever the season.

Things to do in Milan

Milan's incredible glamour is such that people-watching is almost a sport here. If you're looking for some more conventional attractions after a flight from London to Milan, though, a few places to try are:

  • La Scala: incredibly decorated opera house with a tremendous, infectious atmosphere
  • Milan Cathedral: enormous Gothic church; visit the roof to see some spectacular sculptures
  • San Siro Stadium: join the tifosi in the crowd for a truly unforgettable football experience
  • Navigli District: set around the medieval canals is a huge network of buzzing bars and lively restaurants
  • Biblioteca Ambrosiana: this 17th century library and art gallery features original sketches by Leonardo da Vinci

This may be a large city, but flight and hotel deals to Milan will take you to a great place to walk or cycle. For more information on low-cost holidays in Milan, speak to our friendly team!

What to eat in Milan?

During your holiday in Milan, don't miss an aperitivo: an elaborate drink-and-buffet snack served before dinner. Then, you could head for the city's small but impressive Chinatown for some delicious street food. For something more filling – and Lombardy's cuisine is generally heartier than Rome's – try Pomet for a distinctive local take on pizza. Shaolin State of Harmony serves outstanding raw and vegan food, and is well worth it even for meat-eaters on all inclusive holiday packages to Milan. For a snack, try panettone from Pasticceria Cucchi, or cool down from your flight from Manchester to Milan with the ever-popular gelato (ice cream). Call us today and we'll take you there.

What to bring from Milan?

Food and drink top the list when you compare holidays in Milan with other destination: a bag of Superfino Carnaroli rice from Peck's will transform a risotto, while gift boxes of aromatic local coffee are available throughout the city. Naturally, clothes and accessories are popular: if you're after something a little different, try a handmade umbrella from Maglia's or leather accessories from the historic Pettinaroli store. For a truly special gift from package holidays in Milan, why not buy some wooden toys from the appropriately-named Carissimo Pinocchio? Just watch that baggage allowance! For an Italian adventure, book with us!

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