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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Oslo

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Travel package to Oslo

Presentation of Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is located on the country's southern coast. It's a modern city with highly developed infrastructure and facilities. Its history stretches back over a thousand years and it celebrated its millennium in the year 2,000. It’s also a city that values its northern European culture, as can be seen in its many excellent museums and theatres. It’s certainly worth visiting, and at eDreams, our low-cost holidays include excellent holiday deals to Oslo. Book with us and experience the magic of the city. We’ll make your trip effortless with a hotel and a flight from London to Oslo or a flight from Manchester to Oslo.

Things to know before visiting Oslo

Most Western countries' citizens, including the UK and other European Union countries, can enter Norway without a visa for a period of up to three months. Before booking your flight to Oslo, make sure your passport will remain valid throughout your intended stay. As for making yourself understood, it won’t be a problem; Norwegians, especially those who live in Oslo, are usually excellent speakers of English, so you should have no communication problems. Check out our flight and hotel deals and treat yourself to a first-rate package holiday in Oslo.

What is the weather in Oslo?

Oslo has a humid continental climate, and its high northern latitude has a major effect on its weather patterns. Average daily temperatures in January range from around -5.3°C to -0.4°C. In July, daily temperatures range from 13°C to 22.3°C. Both winter and summer have their fans when it comes to visiting Oslo and enjoying outdoor activities. Summers are pleasant and never too warm, while in winter, warm clothing is all that’s needed to enjoy the superb, fun-filled outdoor winter festivals that Oslo’s residents celebrate in style – especially when freshly fallen snow transforms the city’s parks and squares into a winter wonderland. Choose when is the best time to enjoy a holiday in Oslo from our unbeatable all-inclusive holiday packages.

What to do in Oslo

Enjoy Oslo’s many attractions. Some are winter-only attractions; some are summer-only, but all are excellent and worth visiting

  • TuseFryd Amusement ParkThis is the largest amusement park in the country and is a great place to visit with or without kids. A wide range of rides, including ones for small children, is in operation at the park. Parties, shows and many other events are staged throughout the year, too, making TuseFryd a must-visit attraction.
  • Play winter sportsIf you’re in Oslo in winter, there are great opportunities to enjoy some terrific winter fun at Oslo’s famous Winter Park. Cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ice skating activities are all here, and professional tuition is available if needed. Many slopes are floodlit to enable the fun to continue well into the evening.
  • Discover Norway’s traditions.The Norwegian Museum of Cultural history is a terrific open-air museum with traditional houses showing architecture from specific areas of the country. Indoors exhibits include handicrafts, traditional clothing and more. It’s an interesting place to visit and it’s highly educational, too.
  • Visit Frogner Park.Oslo’s largest park is full of attractions including a sculpture park, a roller coaster and other thrilling rides, and a summer swimming pool and waterslide. It also offers shopping,dining and refreshments areas.

There’s much to see and do in the city and our cheap holiday deals make it easy for you to enjoy a holiday in Oslo whenever you decide to visit.

What to visit around Oslo

Make your trip to Oslo even more memorable by visiting places outside of the city. Book a boat trip to the nearby fjords for excellent views as well as some excellent food and refreshments. Fjord tours usually take three hours. A trip to the Kongsberg silver mines makes a fascinating day out, too. A train takes you deep into the mine to see the old workings. Book now. Our excellent all-inclusive holiday package with a flight and hotel in Oslo is waiting for you.

What to eat in Oslo

While you can find burgers, pizzas and other typical Western foods throughout the city, there are also plenty of restaurants, cafes and snack bars where you can enjoy more traditional Norwegian cuisine. Try kjottkaker, which are cakes of ground beef with a delicious sauce called brun saus. Farikal is a traditional mutton stew that’s considered to be Norway’s national dish. Savour the flavours of Norway with our excellent flight and hotel deals and enjoy a fantastic holiday.

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