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Presentation of Helsinki

Finland’s stylish, eccentric capital city is situated in the south of the country overlooking the Baltic Sea. Long renowned for its architecture and design scene, Helsinki’s sights include everything from stunningly beautiful art nouveau buildings to modernist masterpieces and world-class contemporary art galleries. The city’s thirst for innovation and experimentation doesn’t end with art, however, and Helsinki’s restaurants and boutiques are amongst the best you’ll find anywhere. If it’s nature you want, then it’s easy to get out of the city and lose yourself in the surrounding islands and forests. Start planning your holiday to Helsinki with our great flight and hotel deals today.

Things to know before visiting Helsinki

Finland belongs to the European Union and has the euro as its currency. Helsinki is two hours ahead of the UK. A flight from London to Helsinki takes just under three hours, and it’s a little less for a flight from Manchester to Helsinki. The city’s main international airport, Helsinki Airport, is about ten miles north of the city centre. Getting to Helsinki is straightforward, with trains taking about 30 minutes and buses about 40 minutes. Some hotels also provide transfers via shuttle bus. Compare holidays and book a flight to Helsinki with us.

What is the weather in Helsinki?

Though in the south of the country, Helsinki is still cold for much of the year. From December to February even maximum average temperatures are below freezing and it can also be quite cloudy. Don’t let this put you off, as the snow-bathed city becomes a magical place during this period, touched with an atmospheric glow. March, April, October and November are also quite wintry though they are warmer and the thaw starts in April. During May and September maximum average temperatures are around 15 degrees Celsius. Summer is June to August and average highs can reach around 22 degrees, with higher peaks. Whatever time of year you want to go on holiday to Finland you’ll find low-cost holidays with us.

What to see in Helsinki?

One of the main attractions in Helsinki is Suomelinna Fortress Island. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was originally built by the Swedes and has a fascinating naval history. Trips to the island can include a guided tour and there are several museums and a submarine. Top museums and galleries for an insight into Helsinki’s art scene include Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Design Museum. You shouldn’t miss a trip on the SkyWheel, which gives incredible panoramic views over the city, while SEALIFE and Helsinki Zoo are both popular attractions for families. Parks to explore include Esplanadi and Sibelius. Take a look at our holiday packages for more inspiration.

What to eat in Helsinki?

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food on your holiday to Helsinki. Both Finnish and international cuisine are amongst the best you’ll find in the country and you can try fantastic traditional food as well as contemporary interpretations. Finnish food is characterised by seasonal, locally farmed and foraged food, with mushrooms, berries and herbs and wild reindeer, elk and salmon all on the menu. Sweet foods and pastries are very popular – considering the weather it’s always good to stop off in a café for a hot drink and sweet bun. Don’t miss these local specialities:

  • Cabbage rolls – steamed cabbage leaves with meat, spices and lingonberry jam
  • Pea soup – with pork, mustard and rye bread
  • Baltic herring – probably the most popular locally caught fish, often served pickled or with new potatoes (known as silli)
  • Pulla – cinnamon buns
  • Runeberg torte – rum cakes usually sold in January and early February
  • Lingonberry pie – a Finnish favourite
  • Salted liquorice – an unusual but strangely addictive taste

Browse our flight and hotel deals today and you could soon be on a trip to this fascinating city.

What to bring from Helsinki?

Traditional souvenirs to bring home from a holiday to Helsinki include wall hangings, Iittala glassware, jewellery based on folk designs, sauna utensils, traditional tribal (Sami) drinking cups or modern interpretations, ryija rugs (typically used as wall hangings, bedspreads or throws), Finnish knitwear and Finnish liqueurs and pastries. Compare holidays with us today.

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