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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Luxembourg

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Presentation of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small, landlocked country located between France, Germany and Belgium. As a country, it is quite mountainous to the north, but your holiday to Luxembourg City will take you to the low-lying, southern half of the country. With striking countryside to walk in, many castles and museums to explore and the fact that this is the only Grand Duchy left in the world are all excellent reasons to visit. We have many discount holidays available so book a flight to Luxembourg with us as soon as you can.

Things to know before visiting Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s international airport is less than 4 miles east of the city and has simple transfer options including local city buses, hire cars, taxis and shuttle buses. UK nationals are not required to hold a visa for entry on a holiday to Luxembourg, just a valid passport. The currency is euros, but you can also use credit cards and cashpoint machines throughout the country. We have some excellent low-cost holidays that can include a flight from London to Luxembourg or a flight from Manchester to Luxembourg, so contact us as soon as you can for a great deal.

What places to visit in Luxembourg?

The first stop on your holiday to Luxembourg City should be the Old Quarter. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is awash with history from the cobbled streets to the fortifications and gorgeous old buildings. This city has arguably the best museums in the whole of Europe, and to visit all of them would take longer than a normal holiday. Some of the most interesting that you should make time for are:

  • The MUDAM which is Luxembourg’s contemporary art museum housed in a stunning building.
  • The Musée d’Histoire or Luxembourg City Museum which shows the city’s rich history over the last 1000 years.
  • The Musée Dräi Eechelen is actually housed in a restored fortress. The exhibits each describe how the fortress has changed over the years and how it affected the city and Grand Duchy as a whole.
  • The National Museum of History and Art can be found in the historic Fish Market of the Old Town and contains some archeological finds from Roman times to the present day.

When you are finished with the museums, take a trip to the Bock cliff and casements which are 21km of tunnels used to shelter and hide troops and stores. From there you could see the magnificent sight of the Walls of the Corniche and 17th century Gate of the Grund, or go to the Place Guillaume II to see the impressive town hall and the Grand Ducal Palace. Wherever you look in this city there are incredible views, so book one of our flight and hotel deals with us today to see them for yourself.

Places to visit near Luxembourg

If you would like to venture outside the city on your holiday to Luxembourg, you will find this country is very easy to travel around by train, bus or car. The gorgeous village of Echternach, which is by the German border, is made up of medieval houses and ramparts but is also very close to a large national park with waterfalls that is perfect for hiking. The lovely medieval town of Larochette has two castles, museums and a settlement which includes the remains of a Roman camp. With all of this and more, call us to book one of our low-cost holidays and make sure you leave enough time to see these amazing sights.

What to eat in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg’s cuisine has been influenced by its surrounding countries so you will find mixes of Belgian, French and German in their cooking. A favourite is the F'rell Am Rèisleck which is trout served with a Riesling and butter sauce, or maybe the Friture de la Moselle. It is essentially fish and chips but with a Luxembourger twist and delicious as well. If you prefer an unusual meat dish, you should try the Huesenziwwi, which is hare flambéed with cognac. To taste these mouth-watering concoctions on your holiday to Luxembourg, book one of our discount holidays today.

What to bring from Luxembourg?

Souvenirs are the perfect way to remind yourself of your amazing holiday to Luxembourg, and while there are many shops in the city that stock gifts to choose from, where do you start? You may not have heard of Knippecher but you will certainly enjoy them. They are the local name for their chocolates and are as beautiful as they are tasty. You could also bring home some of the local wines which aren’t as well-known as some other European brands but are nonetheless delicious. Alternatively, you could buy some typically authentic bird-shaped whistles from one of the weekend markets. Get in touch with us to book one of our flight and hotel deals for your holiday to Luxembourg and see if you too can find these excellent gifts.

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