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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Cancun

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Holiday in Cancun

Presentation of Cancun

Cancun packs natural wonders, historical heritage, and nature into every holiday. If you have a fascination with Mayan history, travel packages to Cancun will introduce you to a number of archaeological sites and museums. As a coastal region, it has Mediterranean resorts and ports for lazy travellers who prefer their holidays to have a touch of luxury. All inclusive holiday packages reveal a new side to Mexico: one that’s diverse and fascinating. Much of its natural heritage remains untouched, from its deserted beaches to the Isla Contoy national park. You’ll find jungles, crocodiles, and massive iguanas. Bird enthusiasts adore last minute vacation packages to Cancun for their diverse and vivid feathered creatures. To arrange your flight to Cancun simply call us to begin planning your itinerary.

Things to Know Before Visiting Cancun

When you arrange your flight and hotel in Cancun, prepare enough Pesos to cover your trip. Your credit cards will also be accepted, and prepaid money cards are another convenient option. UK and EU citizens needn't acquire a visa to enter Mexico, but you'll need to keep the tourist card given to you on your flight. The Gulf of Mexico has warm oceans, so pack to cater towards plenty of water sports. The customs office stops travellers randomly, but moving through the process is quick and effortless. Flight and hotel deals will make your trip more convenient. The local hotels will advise you on places to visit and provide maps to support your GPS navigation. Cancun is famous for its nightlife, with salsa clubs attracting experienced dancers and beginners alike, so pack a few cocktail dresses. Busses and taxis are easy to use and are available 24 hours a day. Book your flight from London to Cancun for an adventure you’ll never forget.

What is the Weather in Cancun

Low-cost holidays in Cancun are remarkably easy to pack for because the weather is mild throughout the year. Temperatures rise to a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius, with rainy season stretching from May to October. Winter is the dry season, and temperatures rarely dip below 21 degrees. You can safely plan all inclusive vacations in Cancun during the colder months given the pleasant temperatures. The el Norte winds blow chilly weather in during November, but those spells tend to be short-lived. Hurricanes are most likely to occur in August to October. The sea is always warm, but tourists usually prefer the hot weather during December. If you prefer quiet trips, visit during February to July. Evenings are a little cooler during the summer, and humidity plunges, but the ocean remains comfortable for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts.

What to do in Cancun

Cancun holiday packages allow you to experience the Mediterranean in a more down to earth way than most coastal regions will ever manage. Once you get away from the hotel zone, you’ll find plenty of history and art to keep you inspired. Visit Cancun’s brand new Museo Maya de Cancun, which has one of the world’s most important exhibitions of Mayan history. There are 400 pieces to view, along with access to the San Miguelito archaeological site. Water babies will love Playa Langosta, which is covered in coral sands and surrounded by shallow waters. That makes it a snorkelers’ paradise. The Mayan jungle ruins come with white beaches, hawkers, and sparkling waters. You’ll find more ruins near the Playa Delfines beach. The Yucaton can keep you busy for weeks, so plan your adventure carefully to cater towards your preferences. Birding is best enjoyed in Isla Contoy, a sanctuary a short distance from Cancun. You’ll see over 170 species of birds, including the spectacular red flamingos.

The Isla Mujeres ferry dock is a short distance from the Hotel Riu’s exquisite beach. Families shouldn’t forget the All Ritmo water park, which has outdoor games to keep young ones occupied all day. For live music, try Xoximilco and Coco Bongo. One of the area’s most vibrant offerings is the Day of the Dead festival in early November. It continues for several days throughout the region, but don’t be fooled by its name: it’s more of a celebration of life than death. Its main premise is that death needn’t be feared, so put your philosophical hat on before you tour the decorated graves and attend the storytelling evenings. On Saturday night, head to Zona Hotelera’s club, which is the largest in Latin America. You’ll see performances by world-famous DJs. If mariachi bands suit your tastes better, visit La Parrilla’s downtown bars. If you’re considering travel packages in Cancun, connect with us before planning your trip.

What to Eat in Cancun

Cancun has a massive range of restaurants serving dishes that are quite different to what you might expect from flight and hotel deals in Latin America. You’ll enjoy cocobichuela, a curried shrimp, lobster, and coconut dish. As a seaside region, loca restaurants also serve fresh fish and stone crab. The city has a few restaurants serving molecular cuisine, which lends a unique flavour to tacos and other chilli dishes. You’ll find street food at local night markets and Parque las Palapas. Try crumbled cheese and pink pickled onions with your empanadas. Tortas are stuffed sandwiches with jalapenos, refried beans, and pulled meats, making them perfect for lunchtime. Vacation package deals in Cancun are incomplete without marquesita, a doughy dessert with Nutella and cheese fillings. Let us take care of your flight from Manchester to Cancun and help you plan a delicious tour through its local restaurants.

What to Bring from Cancun

  • If you’re planning cheap holidays, you’ll find well-priced souvenirs at the night markets. Pick up some Mayan jewellery and a real Mexican Sombrero.
  • Vacation getaways in Cancun will come with the opportunity to invest in Taxco silver, which is renowned all over the world. You’ll find it at Kukulcan Plaza.
  • Mexico has a vibrant glassware industry, so don’t forget to buy some customised glass.
  • Cancun’s Serape shawls will keep you warm throughout the winter.
  • Hand-woven baskets are light and undemanding on your luggage weight limits.

Book your holiday today to explore one of Latin America’s most untouched regions.

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