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Presentation of Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and we have to be grateful to Vlad the Impaler for its importance today. Thankfully the Romanians are a wonderfully welcoming and friendly people, making Bucharest a fascinating and delightful city to visit now. Settled on the banks of the beautiful Arge? River and with many lakes in the northern reaches of the city, a holiday to Bucharest can’t be beaten. To see this lovely city book a flight to Bucharest with us today and see what cheap holidays we have to offer.

Things to know before visiting Bucharest

Romanian currency is the leu and, although the exchange rate varies, 1 leu is worth about 20p. As Romania is part of the European Union, UK citizens just need a passport to enter the country when going on holiday to Bucharest. The Henri Coand? International Airport is about 10 miles north of the city and has buses and taxis into the centre. It also has a dedicated bus that can take you to the Gara de Nord railway station if you prefer. If you would like to book a flight from London to Bucharest or a flight from Manchester to Bucharest, contact us soon so that we can include it in one of our excellent value discount holiday deals.

What places to visit in Bucharest

Bucharest is a bustling city that is barely recognisable from its communist days, but Ceau?escu’s Palace of the Parliament is a remnant of those times that is definitely worth a look. It is the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon and contains many spectacular rooms, not to mention the escape tunnels. The Old Town and many places like the Village Museum and Museum of Art are unmissable, but taking a stroll along Victoriei Avenue will allow you to experience the history of the city while passing by the many old houses, monuments and cultural attractions. This vibrant city is oozing with history so book one of our flight and hotel deals today for your holiday to Bucharest and see these incredible sights for yourself.

Places to visit near Bucharest

Romania is a fascinating country, so while you are on holiday in Bucharest you may want to explore a little further afield. Some places to see outside the city are:

  • Mogosoia Palace on the Mogosoia Lake. A museum and cultural centre located in a large park.
  • Zumbaala Wake Park for lovers of water-based excitement.
  • The Buftea Lake Resort for cycling, fishing and hiking.
  • The Snagov Natural Park and Artha Park for an old protected forest and sports complex.

There are so many hiking opportunities in this lovely country there is no space to list them all, but the beautiful countryside is definitely a draw as are the friendly people. Book one of our low-cost holidays to see some of these places for yourself.

What to eat in Bucharest?

Romanian food has many influences but it is always hearty and delicious like Chiftele, which are garlic meatballs made with pork or chicken and served with mashed potatoes or rice. If you want to try some of the food stalls dotted around the city, you are sure to find Mititei which are a mix of pork, beef and lamb served in balls. These can be eaten with bread and dipped in mustard. If you are vegetarian or are looking to taste some Romanian delicacy that doesn’t include meat you can try Zacusca. A mix of cooked aubergine, courgettes, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers, this is a lighter and highly delicious alternative to the local meaty dishes. For a taste of these on your holiday to Bucharest, book one of our discount holidays and you will soon be there sampling them all.

What to bring from Bucharest?

When you are on holiday in Bucharest you will want to find a souvenir to remind you of your great time here. Pottery is a long-standing tradition in Romania particularly for mugs, with different colours and designs on them depending on the region they were made. Corund and Horezu are popular, but there are such a variety you are sure to find one to your liking. They can be found in many of the souvenir shops in the Old Town as well as any of the weekend markets. In many of the same places you can also find traditional, carved wooden spoons which have long been associated with superstition, and apparently give good luck to the recipient. Local embroidered blouses would also be a lovely memento of your time here. Book one of our discount holidays to this wonderful country and see these fabulous gifts for yourself.

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