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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Prague

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Flight and hotel packages to Prague

Presentation of Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city with a long and often turbulent history. Following decades of turmoil in the 20th century, Prague has emerged to become a city that is now ranked highly as a first-class visitor destination. Now, when you visit Prague, you can enjoy its modern facilities, admire terrific Romanesque to Renaissance architecture, and immerse yourself in a wealth of cultural attractions from museums and galleries to music venues. Its modern leisure attractions are equally enticing, and at eDreams our flight and hotel deals are perfect for arranging a holiday in Prague that you’ll enjoy to the full. With a flight from London to Prague or a flight from Manchester to Prague, you can soon be comfortably settled in your hotel ready to enjoy your well-deserved Prague getaway.

Things to know before visiting Prague

As the Czech Republic is a European Union country, British visitors don’t need a visa to enter the country and enjoy a holiday in Prague. Just present your passport on arrival at the immigration desk after your flight to Prague and enter the country. Non-European Union nationals should check with any Czech Republic consulate to know whether different entry conditions apply. If you want to hire a car so that you can drive in Prague or beyond, a full British driving licence is acceptable, and you’ll find plenty of good quality car hire companies at the airports and throughout the city. Browse our cheap package holidays for a terrific deal, and make the most of the great city of Prague.

What is the weather in Prague?

Prague’s weather is quite predictable. Cool winters and warm summers are the norm. Rainfall is greater in the warmer summer months, but thanks to the city’s location near the Sudetes mountain range, rainfall is much lower than in many other Central and Western European countries. Temperatures in winter range from around 25°F to 35°F. In summer, daily average temperatures range from 55°F to 76°F. With its many indoors and outdoors attractions plus many events held in all seasons, you can choose when to visit and take advantage of our first-rate discount holidays with flight and hotel deals to Prague. They’re available throughout the year.

What to do in Prague?

With its wealth of of attractions, you’ll never get bored in the city no matter how long your holiday in Prague lasts. Here are a few of the many things to do:

  • Take a boat trip on the Vtava river: The Vltava river flows serenely through Prague and boat trips are available every day. It’s a great way to see many of the city’s impressive buildings and monuments and to learn about the city. You can choose from a range of tours of varying duration. Some trips may include lunch or dinner, too.
  • Experience Prague’s nightlife: Prague’s nightlife is legendary. With many music venues and performers of all types of music including, jazz, rock, classical, hip hop and more, it’s a music lovers’ paradise. It’s a drinkers’ paradise, too. Famous pubs and bars in the city include The Black Angel’s Bar, in Prague’s Old Town Square, and famed for its great selection of Czech beers, is Zly Casey in Prague 4 district.
  • Climb Petrin Hill: Petrin hill is a beautiful area of the city. Climb to the top for spectacular views of Prague. It’s also one of the city’s best green spaces and a lovely place to relax, especially after climbing around 300 steps to get there. If you’re not up to the climb, take the funicular railway to the top. Either way, it’s a great place to visit.
  • Visit Prague Castle: Located on the left bank of the Vltava river, Prague Castle is an awe-inspiring sight. Take a tour inside; it has many fascinating museum exhibits and works of art, and it’s one of the Czech Republic’s premier cultural spaces.

The more time you spend in Prague, the more the city will reveal its fascinating attractions and cultural treasures. With our excellent flight and hotel deals, you can book a trip to Prague and look forward to immersing yourself in all that the city has to offer its visitors.

What to visit around Prague?

While Prague is an undeniably beautiful city, it would be a shame not visit some interesting nearby places on a day trip. Karlovy Vary is a spa town about 80 miles west of Prague. Hot springs, a glass museum and terrific views make Karlovy Vary a great place for a day trip. Another day trip that’s well worth taking is to Bohemian Switzerland National Park, which lies about 60 miles north of Prague. This area has the natural beauty of the Czech Republic at its most impressive. Take advantage of our discount holidays and book one of our package holidays to Prague. Enjoy not just the city but also some of its fascinating surrounding areas.

What to eat in Prague?

Prague’s cuisine is quite typical of the country as a whole and has much in common with the cuisines of other Central European countries. Dishes you can order in restaurants include gulas, a stew made from spiced meat, potatoes and onions. Schnitzel is also a common meat-based Czech dish prepared as sliced and egg-coated meat strips rolled in flour and fried. There are also vegetarian versions of these dishes. A favourite Czech snack is beer cheese, a soft onion and cheese mix served on toast. As its name implies, it’s commonly served in pubs. Book one of our flight and hotel deals and enjoy all the Czech Republic’s culinary delights at your leisure during your holiday in Prague.

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