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What to do in Winchester

About Winchester

A historic city in Hampshire that was once a capital for Anglo-Saxon kings, Winchester is characterised by gorgeous medieval architecture. Among the most notable structures is the Winchester Cathedral, which is Europe’s tallest and also among the largest. Admire the stunning Norman-Gothic architecture of the cathedral and the 16th-century murals at the Lady Chapel. Next, take a guided tour of the remarkable Winchester College for the beautiful school chapel with a 14th-century vaulted roof and the perfectly-preserved Chamber Court and Flint Court original houses. Visit the Winchester City Museum that is housed in an 1861 Tudor hall-style building. The Winchester Model, its most famous exhibit, is a wonderful depiction of the city during Victorian times. View artefacts that belonged to Jane Austen, try on colourful period costumes and enjoy hands-on activities like pot designing and brass rubbing. If you are looking for accommodation in Winchester, you can easily find hotel offers using the eDreams super-fast search engine. Simply put in filters like your travel dates, the number of people travelling and rooms required. Next, choose from the recommended hotels in Winchester with the best prices and conveniently book online.

What to see in Winchester

If you wish to save on the time taken to travel to the many attractions, book a hotel in Winchester close to the main points of interest. Look for accommodation near the Winchester Castle, among the top landmarks in the city. Built in 1067, the castle remains mostly in ruins now but still makes a magnificent sight. You can also visit the Great Hall, the only surviving portion of the castle that today houses a museum depicting the history of the city. A major attraction at the hall is a centuries-old copy of King Arthur's Round Table, considered to be built sometime in the 13th century. If nature and outdoor activities are on your mind, look for offers on hotels close to the South Downs National Park, an area with a varied landscape where you can watch wildlife and try several activities such as hiking and cycling. The gorgeous countryside in the area even inspired Jane Austen to write, and you can learn more about the park’s literary connections by joining one of the Literary Walks. Families on holiday can stay at hotels near the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium that has over 100 interactive and educational activities, workshops, and stargazing shows.

Where to stay in Winchester

You can find deals on hotels in and around the city centre for easy access to the cathedral and other sights like the Statue of King Alfred the Great, an imposing figure of the Anglo-Saxon king. Close by is also the famous Winchester City Mill, an ancient but fully-restored water mill that was powered by the River Itchen. Visit the working areas and try milling flour using traditional techniques. History buffs can consider staying near the Peninsular Barracks, home to Winchester's Military Museums. Visit the Royal Green Jackets Museum for the 6,000 medals and a precise diorama of the Battle of Waterloo. At the Gurkha Museum, you can view exhibits, photos, and footage that detail the contribution of Nepalese soldiers in the British Army over 200 years. If you wish to indulge in some holiday shopping, look for hotels close to High Street. From here, you can also make a trip to the Westgate Museum that was once a debtors’ prison and has the last of the city’s main medieval gates. To get your choice of cheap hotels, hostels, or apartments, book your accommodation well in advance.

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