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What to do in Warrington

How can I find hotels in Warrington?

Styling itself as the "gateway to the North", the Cheshire town of Warrington is a proud place, with a rich industrial history and a fierce passion for all things Rugby League. If you have a love of the game, a visit to a Warrington Wolves game will be top of your list of holiday activities. However, when you book a local hotel Warrington is about more than tackles and tries. There are family-friendly amusement parks that will fill a day or two of your time, stately homes which double as musical venues, one of the oldest museums in the UK, magical walled gardens, unique industrial sights, and soaring church spires. So how can you find the best hotels deals in town? Easy. Just use the eDreams engine to zero in on the best cheap hotels in the area. Pick the features you need, filter by location, and book a  hotel that satisfies every requirement.

What must I see in Warrington?

Warrington is one of those English destinations which somehow fly under the radar of everyday holidaymakers. But it's a place you pass over at your peril, as the town is crammed with engaging, exciting, and unique things to see and do. For decades, Warrington was an industrial powerhouse, so the natural place to start is the Transport Bridge. There are few bridges of its type in the world, allowing high-masted ships to pass underneath. Families will want to move on to Gulliver's World, one of the north east's biggest theme parks. And sports fans will find a Wolves fixture at the Halliwell Jones Stadium tough to resist. Those with an eye for history, will love the remarkably lavish town hall and the 86-metre tall spire of St. Elphin's Church, not to mention Walton Hall - a gorgeous manor house which plays host to annual chamber music performances. The town museum dates back to the 1840s and showcases everything from regional art to West African artefacts. And the walled garden at Grappenhall Heys is a little slice of heaven, entrancing young visitors (while hosting one of the best cafes in town as well). It all adds up to a destination with no shortage of appeal - whether your passion is sport, gardening, or history.

Where should I stay in Warrington?

If you need to find the perfect location for your hotel Warrington presents a few different options, and the choice of neighbourhoods is extremely diverse. The city centre is most peoples' first choice and plays host to a variety of spa venues, family hotels, and smaller alternatives. The area around Centre Park provides green space and access to the Ship Canal for waterfront walks, while further north near Palmyra Square, hotel deals will place visitors closer to the museums and shops of central Warrington. If you want to spend a day relaxing in the walled garden, Grappenhall in south-eastern Warrington is a good place to look, while northern Warrington is handy for rugby fans. Families planning a day out at Gulliver's World could give Bewsey or Callands a look. And those intending to visit Walton Hall should feel right at home with hotels in southern Warrington (or even Little Walton itself). If you're planning visits to Manchester or Liverpool, hotels in Lymm or Thelwall should fit the bill. You can book a hotel in any of these areas easily, via eDreams. So check our listings and maps, and get set for a Warrington getaway.

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Hotels in Warrington