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Hotels in Toronto

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What to do in Toronto

How can I find hotels in Toronto?

Toronto, a multicultural destination, is peppered with a broad spectrum of culinary offerings, coffee shops and bars. The restaurants cater to various urban tribes from the foodie type to the most creative tourist. The food scene tells it all as far as the Canadian heritage goes. The capital of Ontario is the biggest city of Canada and home to a diverse mixture of attractions from galleries to tall skyscrapers like the CN Tower. Holidaymakers can book a hotel in the Entertainment District that offers fine dining and the latest music. In the Historic District, you will find unique shops and fresco restaurants set in some restored buildings. Navigating the city centre is quite easy thanks to a network of walkways. Most of the top attractions are within walking distance. Are you wondering where to stay during your Toronto holiday? Trying to figure out a hotel in Toronto that suits your needs? Consult the eDreams search engine to get the best neighbourhood. Feed the search tool with the location and wait for results. Then you can choose a destination based on your taste and itinerary.

What should I see in Toronto?

So, how should you spend time in Toronto? Start by visiting the CN Tower. The 553-metre landmark is hard to miss. You can spot it in almost every corner of Toronto as it dominates the skyline. You can watch it from the ground or take a guided tour to an observation point particularly in one of the restaurants. From above, you will be in a position to see Lake Ontario. For a more adventurous perspective, take the Edge Walk whilst in a safety harness. Visit the internationally renowned Royal Ontario Museum. The museum hosts a collection of art, culture, and history of the world from different eras. The modern Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is an unmissable wing featuring sharp angles of glass.  You can also explore the Toronto Islands, just a few miles from the downtown area. Take a ferry ride to explore the sandy beaches and quaint amusement park. The islands are perfect getaways to do biking during the day.  The Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is a great place to sleep with the sharks, literally. Inside the venue, jazz nights and yoga classes feature regularly. The beautiful aquarium houses numerous species from across the globe so you can get an up-close view of the finned creatures. So you must check out hotel deals that can lead you to this magical site.

Where should I stay in Toronto?

Adjacent to the CN Tower is the Rogers Centre, a domed sports venue where big teams such as Toronto Blue Jays play. Capture the uniquely designed retractable roof that can slide back in good weather. The megastructure hosts a multitude of not only sporting activities but concerts and national events. When booking a hotel in Toronto, it is hard to miss one around the Rogers Centre. The location is very convenient and has a unique travelling experience. Art lovers gather at the Art Gallery of Ontario so any hotel deals near the destination would be a big plus. See a collection of over 95,000 masterpieces from Europe and other parts of the world. Contemporary art is abundant as well. Next to the gallery is the Ontario College of Art and Design which stands tall above the street on stilts that resemble pencils. See cheap hotels at eDreams now.

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