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What to do in Taunton

About Taunton

A pleasant town in Somerset, Taunton derives its name from the River Tone, which flows through the town centre. The town's picturesque streets are lined with many beautiful buildings. High Street is dotted with Georgian architecture, which blends perfectly with the 16th-century Municipal Buildings standing on nearby Corporation Street. Take a trip through history at Taunton Castle, which houses the Museum of Somerset, where you'll see artefacts such as Roman mosaics and coins. Enjoy the great outdoors at Vivary Park, or spend time exploring the National Trust properties in Quantock Hills. Taunton is also renowned for its cider, so visit the Taunton Cider Company, just outside the town.

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What to see in Taunton

Begin your holiday in Taunton with a visit to Taunton Castle, which was constructed in the 12th century. While the castle received a Gothic restoration in the 1780s, you’ll still be able to see Tudor and Norman elements. It houses the Museum of Somerset, which has numerous exhibits, including Roman silver and bronze coins, mosaic panels from Low Ham Roman Villa, prehistoric pottery shards, fossils, and even a shrunken head from South America.

Spend time in Taunton’s main park, Vivary Park, to commune with nature. This 7.5-hectare park has ornamental gardens, miniature golf, children's playgrounds, an 18-hole golf course, and a model railway. Sherford Stream runs through the park, which is named after a vivarium, or a mediaeval fish farm, that used to be at this spot.

From the park, head to the 16th-century Church of St Mary Magdalene, a Gothic sandstone structure with a tower built in the distinctive local style. Most of the statues and windows are Victorian, but the church has elements dating back to the 12th century. Another ancient house of worship is the Church of St James, overlooking the County Ground. While the church was renovated in the 19th century, the original barrel vault over the nave can still be seen today. The baptismal font dates back to the 1400s, and the pulpit from the 17th century.

Where to stay in Taunton

If you're looking to book a hotel in a central location, look near Fore Street, which contains buildings like the Tudor Tavern, a three-story half-timbered structure. Its façade was completed in 1578, but the interior goes back to the 1300s. The Tudor Tavern is the only surviving Tudor building in Taunton. Another option for a cheap hotel is around Park Street, within close distance to the town centre. Castle Green is close to the Museum of Somerset and within walking distance of the local railway station.

Should you wish to stay in an apartment or hostel during your trip, look for accommodation around Wellington Road, which is a residential area easily accessible from the M5 motorway. If you prefer to stay a little further out from central Taunton, look for hotel offers around areas such as Staplegrove Road or Massingham Park, which still remain close to the Somerset county cricket grounds, train station, and the town centre.

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Hotels in Taunton