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What to do in Swansea

How can I find hotels in Swansea?

Located in southern Wales and second only to Cardiff in terms of population among the nation's cities, Swansea is full of appeal. It's a bustling university city, with over 20,000 students, which helps to keep the nightlife humming. If you love live music, endless DJ sets, and boundless energy, Wind Street will be a revelation.

However, the city doesn't just cater to party animals. It's also a historical gem, offering insights into the Industrial Revolution via restored copper-works, ruined medieval fortresses that date back to the 13th century, and the birthplace of one of the world's great poets. You can tour the city (or Abertawe) in Welsh with expert guides, and hear stories of seafarers, battles, and world-changing inventions.

From the renovated waterfront and the city centre with its museums, markets, and galleries, to sporting venues, unspoiled coastal scenery, charming waterfront areas, and buzzing student neighbourhoods, this is a city where almost anyone can feel at home. Where else can you dine on global cuisine and dance till dawn, yet be within 20 minutes of achingly gorgeous beaches where the city seems a million miles away?

When you book a hotel Swansea offers all of this, and a little bit more - including no shortage of excellent hotels. But how can you find the ideal place to stay? Simple.  At eDreams, we make finding the perfect Swansea hideaway easy. You can search on our engine for premium and cheap hotels across the urban area, while countryside accommodation could also be part of the mix. Filter by amenities and neighbourhoods, book a hotel that suits your budget. There's no better way to plan a Welsh adventure.

What must I see in Swansea?

Swansea is a down to earth student town, with centuries of history, and dazzling scenery within easy reach - and it should provide enough attractions to keep every visitor entertained during their stay.

To start with, the city centre is packed with things to see, places to eat, and shopping opportunities, so it's a great place to start when you book a hotel in Swansea. Literature fans will want to pay homage at the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, author of "Under Milk Wood", while Swansea Market offers a cornucopia of local seafood, cheeses, craft beers, flowers, and artisan jewellery.  The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is a small but very high-quality collection, where masters like Monet or Augustus John are on display, while Clyne Gardens is a visual delight, offering acres and acres of meticulously maintained flowers, a Japanese garden, and views across the city.

The seafront is another area with plenty to see and do. The Waterfront Museum tells the story of the city's maritime past, the Norwegian Church demonstrates the city's centuries-old multicultural traditions, and there's the impressive Swansea Museum - a showcase of the city's past, present and future.

Moving out of town, the Gower Peninsular is famous for its beaches, headlands, and general beauty. You'll be amazed to find wild coastal sights to close to a thriving modern city. The Liberty Stadium also hosts elite football matches during the season, while Swansea RFC do battle in the Welsh Rugby Premiership at St Helen's. And the Mumbles is a relaxed seafront neighbourhood where you can sunbathe, tour medieval castles, and just chill out, rounding off a stellar array of local attractions.

Finally, if you have any interest in history and industry, be sure to schedule a visit to Hafod Copperworks in the northern section of Swansea. It's probably the best preserved copperworks in the UK, providing a window into a time that changed the world forever. And it's open every day, with absorbing tours available to all.

Where should I stay in Swansea?

Wherever you go, picking the perfect area to stay is essential, and there's no exception here. Swansea and the surrounding coast is a diverse area, with a wide variety of different places to stay, so use eDreams to search and find hotel deals in a neighbourhood that suits all of your requirements.

If coastal beauty, dune-fringed beaches, and photogenic cliffs are what you're after, staying at the Mumbles on the Gower peninsular will be ideal. Most hotels there will be 15-20 minutes from Swansea itself, and it's a great mix of rural and urban charm.

On the other hand, Uplands is a bohemian district, where live music venues, traditional pubs, and buzzing cocktail bars mingle. Next door, Brynmill is quieter, but still lively, and right next to the beautiful seashore. Both areas are perfect for nightlife fans and foodies alike.

Morriston is an upscale area with ample green space, and a blend of countryside and access to the city centre, while Morfa in northern Swansea is closer to the Liberty Stadium, along with natural attractions like the Afan Forest. It's a good shout for those who want to hike or attend football matches, but also be close to the centre.

As for the centre itself, it has to be a candidate, offering unbeatable proximity to the city's biggest attractions. All of this means that, if you need a high-quality hotel Swansea won't be short of options, and eDreams makes it as easy as possible to choose the right provider.

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