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What to do in Southport

How can I find hotels in Southport?

Southport is a historic town in Merseyside, England, that has grown from its humble beginnings as the host of the estate of William Sutton, founder of the UK's first door-to-door long distance parcel service. It is now a lesser-known tourist destination and has become something of a legend among golfing enthusiasts. Its offerings include extensive tours of the coast, museums, and parks. Southport might not be a typical tourist attraction, but its extensive beaches and low tide that rarely licks the shore make it quite beautiful. The city has 22 miles of coastline, giving visitors more than enough beach to explore and marvel at. If strolling the beach is not your thing, or the weather doesn't permit it, try an exhilarating ride along the coast on the electrified train and enjoy spectacular views of the sea from the dry. Southport has several shopping centres, outdoor and indoor entertainment venues, and nightlife options to offer visitors. As you plan for your holiday, remember to book a hotel with eDreams. We offer guests the chance to book the perfect hotel Southport could offer for their UK holiday, with a tonne of choice. Use the powerful search tool to select hotel deals with the desired number of rooms, amenities and services for you and your party. 

What to see in Southport?

The Southport Pier is a major landmark of the city that is laden with history. Measuring just under a mile in length, it is the second-longest pier in the UK. The pier gives visitors incredible views of the coast all the way to Blackpool and North Wales. The pier was the stage for several Victorian theatre shows, including performances by the illustrious Charlie Chaplin! And, if walking the distance sounds like too much work, ride the tram to the Pavillion where a stunning view of the coast and the Irish Sea awaits. There are several cheap hotels near Southport Pier where you can stay and enjoy the view from your balcony. The British Landmower Museum is the type of exhibition that only the English could conjure up. It traces the history of the mower from the earliest inventions to modern machines. But if history bores you, the collection of exhibits from celebrities such as the royal family may pique your interest. Watch out for the montage of Diana and Prince Charles riding a mower. Any hotel Southport on the main street will be a few minutes' drive from the museum. 

Where to stay in Southport?

Lord Street is one of the most iconic boulevards in Southport. It features long, wide roads with rows of willow trees on each side. Beautiful gardens are interspersed with neoclassical buildings. Legend has it that Prince Louis Napoleon spent several months in the city in 1938 and was enamoured by the street so much that he sought to replicate the style in Paris. And while you explore the street, pay homage to the monument of William 'Duke' Sutton, whose house was the first major architectural structure in the nascent town back in the 18th century. The best hotels in Southport are located on Lord Street, so look out for eDreams hotel deals in this area. If you're into golfing, then several cheap hotels are located near world-class golf courses. The coastal stretch from Wirral to Blackpool is renowned for exquisite golf courses. One of the popular courses is Royal Birkdale, where the British Open Championship has been held several times. You can also find cheap hotels near Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, which has a wide range of water sports, including sailing, paddling, rowing, and windsurfing. Book a hotel on eDreams near these sites for a chance to wake up to hummingbirds inviting you to tee in the morning.

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