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Hotels in Scarborough

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What to do in Scarborough

About Scarborough

Scarborough reigns as one of northern England's premier seaside resort communities, with its sleepy spa town vibes that have attracted visitors for over 100 years. Touted as Britain's oldest seaside resort, its setting on the North Sea is divided into two bays by the imposing Scarborough castle which dominates the town's otherwise quaint landscape. Scarborough is easily accessible; the A64 connects it to the nearby cities of Leeds and York. There are also hourly trains operating between Scarborough from both Leeds and Manchester, where you can connect to cross-country services.

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What to see in Scarborough

Jutting out from Scarborough's headland are the ruins of the town's castle, which dates back over 3,000 years. Scarborough Castle's origins predate the arrival of the Romans. The scene of many battles over the centuries, the castle offers spectacular views over the coastal region. Located on both sides of the castle are two beach areas, known as the North Bay and South Bay. The South Bay beach is the busier of the two, with more amenities such as cafes and amusements, while the North Bay beach is more tranquil and the preferable spot for walks along the Yorkshire coast.

Scarborough's Market Hall & Vaults truly capture this spa town's history. Independent stalls and shops sell everything from vintage antiques to boutique clothing. The market is also well-represented by numerous food vendors where you can stop for a spot of lunch and perhaps a glass of prosecco. Scarborough Art Gallery is located in a well-preserved Grade II-listed building, and hosts work by artists such as John Atkinson Grimshaw and Frederic Lord Leighton, as well as a range of visiting exhibits. If you're looking for an evening out from your hotel in Scarborough, the art deco-inspired Stephen Joseph Theatre has a varied program of traditional and modern stage performances.

Where to stay in Scarborough

Scarborough's small town centre means that most attractions are accessible on foot. For those who want to be close to the arcades, harbour, and other attractions, the South Bay area is a good option for a hotel deal. If you would prefer to stay a little further away from the heart of town but still enjoy excellent sea views, then the North Bay is the ideal location.

To enjoy the best views of the sweeping North Yorkshire coastline, opt for a seafront hotel in Scarborough. Many local hotels offer dining rooms with sea views, so you can enjoy your breakfast with glorious vistas of the North Sea. If you don't mind using public transportation, or have your own vehicle, then book a hotel further south in Cornelian Bay and Cayton Bay. These areas offer a more local feel away from the crowds in Scarborough's centre, yet put you right on the beach.

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