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What to do in Rye

How can I find hotels in Rye?

Located in southern Kent, on the coast of the English Channel, Rye is a tiny town with a fascinating maritime past, and plenty of things to see and do. The town is one of the famous "Cinque Ports", which once dominated trade between England and France. But you wouldn't necessarily know this from visiting, as Rye stands two miles inland - the product of centuries of landscape changes. Thanks to its medieval prosperity, the town possesses some remarkable buildings, there are fine beaches within 5-10 minutes drive, wetlands that teem with birdlife, evocative castles, and welcoming pubs - not to mention museums, golf courses, and family-friendly performance venues. Organising a trip is incredibly easy. Just use the eDreams search engine and browse every hotel Rye has to offer. Our database includes all of the best local accommodation options, allowing you to instantly find your perfect Kentish hideaway.

What to see in Rye?

Rye is one of the best-preserved towns in England, and you won't find modern tower blocks or advertising hoardings anywhere in the area. Instead, when you stay at a local hotel Rye appears like a portal into another age. Timber houses, narrow streets, windmills, and oast houses (where hops were dried when making beer) dominate the town, all creating a magical place to wander. Local attractions include Rye Castle and the Ypres Tower (complete with grizzly exhibits about medieval executions). Mermaid Street in the town centre is one of the prettiest in the entire country, with flower-garlanded pubs, and timber-frame shops. And the Rye Heritage Centre offers hands-on fun for families, hosting amusement arcade machines, and incredibly detailed models of historical Rye. Outside the town, Camber Sands stretches for mile upon mile of unbroken coastline and is a wonderful place to unroll a beach towel. Next door, the nature reserve at Rye Harbour offers a treat for wildlife lovers, not least bird-watchers or butterfly fans. Finally, and not least, the World of Legend in central Rye mixes theatrical performances with exhibits of props and costumes from fantasy TV shows and films. If you love Harry Potter or Doctor Who, it's sure to be a delight.

Where to stay in Rye?

When looking for hotel deals, the town centre is usually the first place people look. It's easy to see why. The centre is a beautifully-preserved warren of alleys and streets which includes 'old worlde inns', bed and breakfasts, and larger modern hotels (in period buildings). It's a place to lose yourself in history, while also being a great place to find gourmet restaurants and historic pubs. However, if you want cheap hotels in Rye that are closer to the seaside, Rye Harbour is a great place to look. Technically a separate village, Rye Harbour is right next to the English Channel and has superb access to Camber Sands. Alternatively, you might try Camber Sands itself. Part of the coastline at the beach is dedicated to family accommodation, thanks to a sprawling Butlins holiday park. If you need Rye hotels with pools, mini-golf, nightly entertainment, and direct beach access, it's guaranteed to tick every box. You might also want to book a hotel just outside Rye. The Kentish area is home to plenty of country houses that have been converted into first-class accommodation, and many of them are within striking distance of Rye. So have a look around. Hotels in Rye and the nearby area are easy to find with eDreams.

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