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Hotels in Reykjavik

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What to do in Reykjavik

How can I find hotels in Reykjavik?

Iceland's capital city is compact, cosy, welcoming - and full of cultural and culinary appeal. It's a city where you can soak up artistic creativity at world-class galleries, shop for artisan knitwear that's among the finest in the world, party till dawn (or during the summer when the sun hardly sets at all), or reach sites of exceptional natural beauty with ease. Walkable, superbly organized, and easy to get around, Reykjavik is a traveller's dream. It's also full of excellent accommodation, and thanks to the eDreams search engine, finding a hotel in Reykjavik is easy. Just plug in your travel dates and specify the number of people travelling, and we'll connect you with the perfect place to stay during your Reykjavik holiday.

What to see in Reykjavik?

Reykjavik surprises some people with its array of experiences and attractions. It may be a city of around 200,000 people, but it definitely punches above its weight. And there's always something to do. For instance, architecture lovers can visit of extraordinary churches like Gudjon Samuelsson's Hallgrímskirkja. Couples can chill out with a coffee or cocktails in the bars of Reykjavik 101, while nature fans can set out for whale-watching excursions from the harbour and be back in time for dinner. If you want to mingle with the locals you can relax at one of 18 open-air pools, all of which use geothermal energy to stay warm and inviting in every season. In the evenings, the city's gastronomic scene never fails to amaze, showcasing Iceland's seafood-centred national dishes, and there's street food for everyone to much in-between museums or markets (don't miss the hotdogs served "eina með öllu", with everything on). Shoppers will also be in their element when they book a hotel in the city, especially in neighbourhoods like Laugavegur. Often thought of as Reykjavik's "coolest street", it's a place to gawp at outlandish fashion, pick up a super-warm Milla Snorrason sweater, or delve into vintage boutiques. Last but not least, if you want to branch out, a hotel in Reykjavik is also a great base for launching trips to Icelandic glaciers like Sólheimajokull or Vatnajokull, where magical frozen landscapes await. So there's no shortage of experiences, sights, and tastes to discover. That's for sure.

Where to stay in Reykjavik?

Reykjavik isn't large, but it's quite diverse, and finding the right area to stay can make a big difference. If shopping and downtown entertainment is important, finding hotel deals in the "101" area is a good idea. Also called Midborg, Reykjavik's central postcode is at the heart of the action for fashionistas. Vesturbær offers a quieter, more laid-back option, with good access to attractions like the National Museum and some of the best open-air pools in the city. It's also home to some of the most acclaimed eating spots in town, along with waterfront brew-pubs, so it could hit the spot for foodies. Laugardalur has plenty of appeal, hosting the city zoo, and being well-located to hit the shops of Laugavegur, but set back from the centre of town. If you want family-friendly, cheap hotels it could be a good place to check out. Then again, Hlidar also hosts come affordable accommodation options, and has a more youthful vibe thanks to its student community. With galleries and cafes aplenty, it's a good district for couples and younger groups to explore. Have a browse at eDreams, where you'll find hotel deals in every Reykjavik neighbourhood.

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