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Hotels in Peterborough

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What to do in Peterborough

How can I find hotels in Peterborough?

Would you say that you are fascinated by the peace and tranquillity that comes with green, open and blossoming fields? Well if that's the case, Peterborough is a scenic city at the heart of Cambridgeshire in England that fits that description perfectly. Its vast plains of lush and abundant fields imbue the metropolis with a picturesque and golden countryside feel that is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is serene.  Whether you are alone, after a solo adventure, or with a group of family or friends, Peterborough will make for a memorable visit. A significant portion of the tourism trade in the city is reliant on the surrounding nature, and you will find that when it comes to booking your accommodation, the location of most of the hotels is outside the town. Therefore, to book a hotel, or to find fantastic hotel deals or the locations of cheap hotels, make sure to take advantage of the eDreams travel search engine. It's easy to navigate the website, and its vast database of hotels in the region will secure you a Peterborough hotel that accommodates all your needs. 

What must I see in Peterborough?

The number of activities to engage in, sites to visit, and cultural experiences to sample in Peterborough are as many as they are varied. Many of them emanate from various gems that are spread across the beautiful countryside, and you should, therefore, take advantage of this by booking a hotel or grabbing fantastic hotel deals in the area. For starters, a visit to Peterborough cathedral, an outstanding landmark building that epitomizes the magnificence of 12th century Norman architecture, is highly recommended. The Anglican Bishop of the city sits here and the building's gothic west façade stands out with its enormous arches as a symbol of the architectural brilliance of the early English. If you are an art and history enthusiast, you will find a visit to the Peterborough Museum to be an enlightening experience. Here, you will discover an extensive collection of Jurassic fossils, Roman pottery, as well as captivating art that goes as far back as the 17th century - an insightful perspective to the region's human and natural history. On the other hand, if you fancy outdoor activities, then Nene Park, Ferry Meadows Country Park, and the Flag Fen Archeological Park are some of the areas where you can enjoy walks, picnics, and boat riding.

Where should I stay in Peterborough?

The surrounding nature is the single most prominent element that attracts visitors to Peterborough. Therefore, most hotels stand where meaningful interaction with nature is capitalized the most - outside of the city. As such, it is best to book a hotel midway between the city and your preferred tourist attraction sites to maintain easy accessibility and convenience between both places. What is more, if you manage to find a Peterborough hotel located along the banks of the Otonabee River, you will be in for a profoundly enriching experience on account of the fantastic river views it has to offer. Additionally, you can rent a car which will aid your transition from one location to the other more practically and expediently and in a way that helps you to cover more ground.

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