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Hotels in Nottingham

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What to do in Nottingham

About Nottingham

Nottingham sits on several hills on the Trent River and is famous for the legend of Robin Hood. The city is becoming one of the UK’s most creative and flourishing holiday destinations with several art exhibitions and two theatres. Its vibrant culture through the famous castles and caves unite Nottingham’s past and present. Whatever interests you, this city is an enchanting destination to explore and hosts some great annual cultural events including the Nottingham Goose Fair.

Known as 'Queen of the Midlands', the city’s picturesque public spaces such as the Embankment, Colwick Park, and Arboretum makes Nottingham the perfect site to explore. Other neighbouring attractions are the Robin Hood’s home and Sherwood Forest. When at the city, walk around and view the elegant architecture and captivating exterior of the Contemporary art gallery and the Lace Market. Other attractions in the city worth visiting are the Justice Museum, National Ice Centre, and the Sky Mirror. If you have your holiday at Nottingham, book a hotel through eDreams' search engines, which are easy-to-use and provide refined results. You can filter your preferred dates, the number of people visiting, and the number of rooms, and after book online.

What to see in Nottingham

For a memorable holiday, choose hotels in Nottingham surrounding the main attractions. Alongside fair hotel deals, the city has all kinds of attractions and activities to fulfil its visitor’s needs. Located in the commanding natural promontory Castle Rock, Nottingham Castle is a historical exhibition containing local history from the Middle Ages to date. On Garner’s Hill, visit the famous hidden maze, the City of Caves, and learn the history behind these network of caves made from sandstone.

Also, soak up some knowledge about the town’s hidden history by visiting the Natural History Museum and Nottingham Industrial Museum in Wollaton Park. You can find more history of Nottingham from the National Justice Museum. If your pursuit is art, the Nottingham Contemporary is an art centre that holds major exhibitions five times annually and invites artists from all over the world to showcase their talent. Visit the well-maintained park, Nottingham Arboretum and enjoy the heritage and tree trail to best appreciate the arboretum’s rich history. You can also enjoy water activities at Holme Pierrepont Country Park or hiking and birdwatching at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Where to stay in Nottingham

Staying near the city's attractions makes it easy to navigate from one point to the other. The arboretum is a suitable choice for anyone visiting Nottingham since everything you need is a few minutes' walk to restaurants, cafés, corner shops, bars, and parks. There are many bars and pubs near the Arboretum, and it’s close to the bus and train stations as well as the city centre. The Lace Market area is an accommodation choice to consider due to its proximity to major attractions such as the National Justice Museum, a 4-minute walk via High Pavement route, and City of Caves, a 6-minute walk via the Stoney Street. You will love the area around the Lace Market for its vibrant, and fine establishments all located less than half a mile away.

You might find it exciting and safe to look for cheap hotels near the University of Nottingham and easily access the Highfields Park, the arboretum, the Church of St. Mary’s, and Wollaton Hall that houses the city’s museums and galleries. While staying near the university, you can access a variety of restaurants, traditional British bars, casual steakhouses, and modern bars serving all kinds of drinks, all located less than a mile away.

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