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What to do in Margate

How can I find hotels in Margate?

Nicknamed Shoreditch-on-Sea for its cool restaurants and bars, the coastal city of Margate offers a beehive of activities and attractions for the fun-loving traveller. One of the most popular English seaside resorts, Margate has drawn visitors from far and wide for over 250 years. Head over to Dreamland, Margate's retro theme park for adrenaline-pumping excitement. With its scenic railway, flamboyant indoor Roller Room, and captivating sign, Dreamland's amusement arcades offer exhilarating experiences (as well as great photo opportunities) for young and old throughout the year. Margate has opulent Georgian and Victorian buildings, busy art galleries, independent cafes, Michelin-rated restaurants, and a wide range of accommodation for every budget. The Blue Flag-winning Margate Main Sands beach offers a breathtaking stretch of golden sand ideal for sunbathing, strolling, and other seaside fun even for the smallest family member. Nearby is the Old Town with its shops, pubs, restaurants, and seafood stalls. To make the most of your stay in Margate, be sure to book accommodation close to the main attractions, such as the beach, Dreamland, and art galleries. For the best hotel deals, book a hotel with eDream's user-friendly and intuitive search-engine. Filter your options by the number of rooms or guests, date, and even discounts to find the best hotel Margate has to offer you.​

What must I see in Margate?

Dreamland, the iconic Grade II-listed amusement park from the 19th century is one of the most prominent attractions in Margate. After sadly falling into disrepair and closing in the 2000s, the park today is bubbling with merriment following a high-octane refurbishment. As well as the new, Margate's Old Town, with its gorgeous Victorian and Georgian architecture, is a sight to behold. The scenic streets are lined with shops, cafes, and quality restaurants for every budget. Don't miss Turner Contemporary, the largest art gallery near Margate Harbour. The Shell Grotto, an ornate subterranean passageway intricately festooned with 4.6 million shells, is an unusual yet fascinating wonder that still leaves many experts and visitors bewildered. Another fantastic photo-op can be found at the 16th-century Tudor House and its well-preserved interior, which also provides a window into the rich past of Margate. Fans of Margate history should then head over to Theatre Royal, built in 1787, which is one of the grandest monuments in town. Its beautiful auditorium hosts ballets, musicals, children's plays, and comedy shows. Similarly, Draper's Mill in the southern part of Margate is another great attraction. Erected in 1845, the mill continues to operate thanks to the work of a not-for-profit trust. As you can see, Margate has a huge host of varied attractions, picking between them can be tough! Luckily, eDreams has all of your accommodation decisions covered when you book online, so that’s one less thing to think about.​

​Where should I stay in Margate?

Choose from a wide range of Margate hotels to enjoy your stay in this iconic English seaside destination. Accommodations in the town include luxury guesthouses, smart chic B&Bs, economy lodgings, and beachfront rentals. Consider booking your lodgings in the Old Town, directly behind the Margate Main Sands beach. The Old Town is famous for its quirky pubs, coffee and tea shops, and shops where you can buy everything from clothing, gift items, to souvenirs. Margate's Turner Contemporary Art Gallery is close to several high-end and boutique-style hotels. Stay here for exceptional views of the Thanet coast and some of the most popular art exhibitions and cafes in town. You can also stay near the Dreamland Margate and Bay Beach area to enjoy the best of amusement facilities, delicious traditional English cuisine, and many Insta-worthy photo opportunities. Visitors also love spending time on the Margate seafront. Hotels here are a short walk to the golden sand beaches and offer breathtaking views of the sea. To get cheap hotels in Margate, book your rooms in advance on eDreams. ​

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