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What to do in Lyme Regis

About Lyme Regis

Hotels in Lyme Regis offer visitors a charming town, sandwiched between areas of outstanding natural beauty and the Jurassic Coast. Here, discover prehistoric rock formations and fossil hunting opportunities, this coastline enjoys a reputation as a World Heritage Site. This is the ideal place for families or couples to escape to on holiday. Find accommodation close to the sea and enjoy the best of the British countryside and coast. Whether sunbathing, going for walks, or cosying up in a hotel or apartment, Lyme Regis always makes for a memorable holiday.

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What to see in Lyme Regis

Fossil hunting is one of the major unique pastimes for locals and visitors in Lyme Regis. Comb the beach below the cliffs, especially towards the springtime when the winter waves may have revealed new finds. You'll discover gorgeous shells and other fossils, and it's an excellent way to explore the local surroundings. Sandy Beach is the ideal place to sunbathe or have fun in and around the water. When you want to stretch your legs, you can also head to Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium along the nearby coast.

Staying in Lyme Regis is also a fantastic opportunity to get out and explore the countryside. You'll be close to the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Go for hikes or ambling strolls here, or rent bikes and see even more of these gorgeous locations. You'll be spoilt for choice with outdoor activities when you stay here. Back in town, literature fans can visit areas featured in Jane Austen novels, as she was a long-time resident in Lyme Regis. These include The Cobb, which is the town's harbour wall.

Where to stay in Lyme Regis

Find hotel offers in Lyme Regis and you can start deciding where you're going to stay in town. As a fairly small destination, you'll find that many of the best points of interest are in easy walking distance from virtually anywhere. Bridge Street, leading on to Church Street, is flanked by many of the major shops and restaurants in town. These are excellent streets to stay on if you want to be right at the heart of the action. Alternatively, opt for somewhere right on the seafront for gorgeous views and very quick access to the coast each day.

If you want a truly rural feeling on holiday, the villages immediately surrounding Lyme Regis are excellent options too. Uplyme is an idyllic destination, with a charming local pub and a truly authentic, quaint English atmosphere. It's just a 5mi drive from Lyme Regis. Around 10min from Lyme Regis is Charmouth, with its beautiful Heritage Coast and a similarly rural feel. It's here you'll find the Golden Gap cliffs and the historic, 16th-century Abbots House.

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Hotels in Lyme Regis