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What to do in Loughborough

About Loughborough

The vibrant town of Loughborough's rich history, which dates back to the 11th century, draw holidaymakers from the world over. After your journey to Loughborough, relax at Queen’s Park, famous for its WW1 memorial carillon. You can hear its bells' soothing music from miles away.

For more serenity, head to 300-acre Beacon Hill Country Park. Set on one of Leicestershire's highest hills, it boasts gorgeous views of the surroundings. And in the town itself, check out the small shops by your hotel. With eDreams' efficient search engine, you can find the best luxury and cheap hotels in Loughborough. Just filter them based on features such as your preferred number of rooms, dates, and location.

What to see in Loughborough

You'll likely need a full day to explore the charming town centre's markets and museums. The pedestrianised Market Place, Loughborough's main shopping area, hosts an outdoor market every Thursday and Saturday. You can also see many original Art Deco buildings on nearby Market Street, one of which houses a cinema. To learn more about Loughborough, explore the Charnwood Museum's interactive displays on archaeology, geology, history, and industry. Visit its Victorian shop and see various rocks up close. Meanwhile, at the Stonehurst Family Farm and Motor Museum, you can feed the ducks, ride ponies, relax in the little tea shop, or browse the exquisite lineup of vintage cars, including sporty 1960s models.

Loughborough is also home to John Taylor Bellfounders, the world's largest bell foundry. Browse the museum's exhibits, which include bells that date back to 1785 and other interesting objects. To sip some tea and enjoy vegan cuisine in peace, stop in at the Green Place, and for more bucolic surroundings, head to beautiful Bradgate Park to watch the fallow deer and pretty peacocks. Outwoods, just outside town, also promises calm moments amid nature. The ancient woods and rocky outcrops are home to interesting species of wildlife and woodland plants that you can spot during peaceful strolls.

Where to stay in Loughborough

Loughborough's centre is a combination of old and new – book a hotel in the area to enjoy two distinct worlds while waking up to the Carillon's sweet music. The Golden Triangle, located between Derby Road and Ashby Road, houses a range of hotels and is just a short walk away from the centre, where the pubs and restaurants appeal to night owls and the shops draw bargain hunters. It's also easy to get out and explore the region during your trip, with the major cities of Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester nearby. The area around the railway station has its share of good hotels as well.

You could even time your trip to attend the Loughborough Fair, a grand display attended by thousands of people – around this time, you'll certainly want to book in advance for the best Loughborough hotel deals! Booking a hotel in the suburbs of Loughborough is also a great option – they're mostly well connected to the town centre and popular attractions, and are often cheaper. You'll also find hotel deals in the suburbs of Shelthorpe, and Fairmeadows Way, and Thorpe Acre. The latter, in the northwest of Loughborough, has roads named after famous poets and cottage-style houses, some of which serve as hotels. Consider booking here to live like a local in Loughborough.

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