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What to do in Ipswich

How can I find hotels in Ipswich?

Ipswich is a wonderful gem of arts and culture, entertainment, great shopping and exciting history, with a wide range of museums, historic artefacts, stately homes and other attractions to explore in the town itself and the surrounding county of Suffolk. Whether the harbour or the local markets are calling you, there's a wide range of accommodation to choose from. In fact, when booking a hotel Ipswich has plenty of choices, from small and independent boutique hotels through to large and big-name hotels. The easiest and fastest way to find the best cheap deals is to use eDreams. Simply use the filters to input your preferred travel dates and to provide the details of your travel party. eDreams will then get to work, using powerful engines that instantly interrogate a vast database of all of the latest hotel deals and offers. You will see a list of all available hotels, with reviews, photos and details. Found one that suits you? To book a hotel simply click and in a few steps your reservation will be completed. You can then manage it entirely online for total ease.

What to see in Ipswich?

Be prepared for a busy break in this bustling town, which has a wide range of visitor attractions to appeal to all tastes and budgets. The Saxon Port of Ipswich is today a bustling harbour, with trips to enjoy on the River Orwell and a lively entertainment scene with great restaurants, bars and live music. In the heart of the town centre, there's a good range of museums and an art gallery, as well as an excellent shopping district with plenty of independent, boutique, high-street and designer brands - not to mention markets throughout the week. Head out to Christchurch Park and see the ancient mansion filled with important artworks to admire. The Ipswich Regent is your first choice for plays, shows and theatre of all kinds, and Cardinal Park is ideal for shopping, with family restaurants and a large cinema too. Don't forget to see a match at Portman Road Stadium which is home to Ipswich Town FC and walk along the Sir Bobby Robson Bridge to see the River Gipping in all of its glory. Is history more your thing? Then visit the ancient town in Saints, with its Dominican Church ruins that date back to the 13th century, wonderful old Tudor buildings and cobbled streets packed with atmosphere and a quirky feel. These are also a favourite with Instagrammers!

Where to stay in Ipswich?

This busy town offers plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation. Choosing a hotel Ipswich wide is easier if you have an area in mind, although there are cheap hotels dotted all around the town if you book at the right time. Ideally, book well in advance and away from busy events and high season for the best hotel deals. Look for a hotel in Westgate if you fancy taking a short walk to the New Wolsey Theatre, or stay near the Waterfront to have the bustling activity of the harbourside at your disposal. The historic old town of Saints is a wonderful spot if you choose a quirky boutique B'n'B nearby, or try Riverside - near the train station - for easy travel without a car. There are also various hotels in the town centre itself, which are well-positioned for exploring everything by foot and for enjoying Ipswich's busy nightlife. Just remember to use eDreams to find your perfect accommodation and to book a hotel at the best possible price; all in just a few easy clicks.

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Hotels in Ipswich