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What to do in Hereford

About Hereford

Hereford, a city well known for its Cathedral, is situated on the banks of the River Wey in England. It got its name from the Anglo-Saxon words Here and Ford, which together mean that during some point in the area's history, a large army had crossed the River Wey. The Welsh, however, refer to the city as Henffordd which literally translates to “old road”. The city today is home to a diverse population of Welsh people and their own culture.

The main point of interest in the city is the Hereford Cathedral. The Old House is a museum that depicts Jacobean life during the 1600s. Another Victorian building restored as a museum that exhibits the arts and artefacts of the local people is the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery. Hereford makes for a great weekend getaway and you can book a hotel in Hereford in advance via eDreams. Its efficient search engine will help you find rooms according to your specific requirements like location and services available, among other things.

What to see in Hereford

Booking a hotel nearest to the city centre is a good idea as most of the main attractions are located in and around here. You could then walk down to the Hereford Cathedral. Among the popular displays here is the Mappa Mundi map, supposedly created in the 13th century, representing the medieval ages. The Bishop’s chapel, which is the oldest part of the current cathedral building, was constructed during the 11th century. The Old House, also known as the Black and White Museum, is located in the vicinity.

The Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, housed in a Victorian Gothic building, is the ideal place to appreciate displays related to natural historical artefacts and fine art sourced locally. Taking a stroll on the Victorian Bridge is a good way to enjoy scenic views of the River Wey. A tour of the Chase Distillery will allow you to learn about the process of making gin and vodka, much to the delight of beverage enthusiasts. The Waterworks Museum in the city makes for an interesting visit where you can learn how water supplies were developed for public consumption.

Where to stay in Hereford

The city centre ranks highly when it comes to ideal locations for choosing hotels in Hereford. There are also a fair number of popular attractions located within walking distance of each other. You should note that, with all its conveniences, the hotels here are usually priced higher. However, if you plan the trip beforehand and book online, then you can find the most suitable hotel as per your convenience at more reasonable rates.

There are also good hotel options located near the cider and wine-making setups in the outskirts of the city. The countryside hotel offer may be worth a look for those who want to have a taste of the cheese dairy at Monkland. Holidaymakers on a budget trip and seeking a cheap hotel, by comparison, could opt for a stay at Ledbury. It is worth bearing in mind that Hereford is well linked by various forms of transportation to these slightly out of way locations. Therefore, it is not a disadvantage to choose hotels in the range of about 25mi from the city centre, especially if you book accommodation located close to a bus stop or a train station.

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Hotels in Hereford