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Hotels in Folkestone

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What to do in Folkestone

How can I find hotels in Folkestone?

When you need to book a hotel in Folkestone, there are a few things to bear in mind that will help you find the perfect accommodation. The town is a historic port, which has been connecting England and Europe for hundreds of years, so almost everything revolves around the sea. But unlike some working ports, Folkestone hasn't lost its charm. The centre includes a "Creative Quarter" that's filled with galleries and clothing boutiques, while the Leas is an elegant neighbourhood of grand Victorian townhouses and squares. The pebble beach is a great place to unwind, but venturing a little further, you can reach the nature reserve at Samphire Hoe, take a funicular railway to the Lower Leas Nature Park, or climb aboard the family-friendly Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Steam Railway. There's a lot to do, and when you search for cheap hotels with eDreams, locating the ideal place to stay will be easy. Filter seafront and rural retreats, or find pet-friendly hotels. That way, it should be possible to book a hotel that ticks every box.

What must I see in Folkestone?

Folkestone was one of the wealthiest Victorian coastal cities. It drew visitors from London to its scenic coastline, which is home to the famous White Cliffs, and the whole town retains an upscale feel courtesy of its 19th-century visitors. More recent attractions have added to the appeal, including a beautifully constructed monument to the Battle of Britain pilots who defended Britain in 1940, and the Step Short Centenary Arch, which commemorates the First World War. The Leas and the Lower Leas mix fine architecture, clifftop views, and the fun of riding a funicular from the clifftop to the sea below, which kids will surely enjoy. And the harbour itself has been renovated to create one of southeast England's best seafood dining districts. It's the kind of place where you can dine on terraces overlooking the marina as sailing craft glide into port, enjoy seafood platters with just-landed Kentish produce, before taking a stroll along the sea wall or the promenade. And there's a lot to see nearby, from steam railways and Anglo Saxon churches like St Martins at Sandgate in Cheriton, to sheer wild beauty in the chalk downs of the Warren - one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Where should I stay in Folkestone?

For a relatively small destination, Folkestone packs in quite a lot of varied neighbourhoods. To start with, you might want to check out the Leas, which is a quiet, wealthy area of Victorian mansions, and includes some hotels with stunning clifftop views. Down below, the seafront and the harbour also offer high-quality accommodation and might be better for foodies or those who want to relax on the promenade. It's also worth knowing that Folkestone includes Sandgate, a suburb by the sea just to the west of the port itself. It has a quieter vibe and can be a great place to find hotel deals. It's also a great launchpad for walks down the coast to absorb the Kentish scenery. If creativity and culture are your priorities, look a little inland from the harbour and you'll find what has been dubbed the "Creative Quarter". The home of a popular triennial arts festival, this bustling community is ideal for people who love to check out craft workshops, pottery shops, and local galleries. Finally, if you want an affordable hotel Folkestone has some appealing northern suburbs. They may be a mile or so from the sea but can be excellent places to stay.

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