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What to do in Dover

Visit Dover

A port town in the southeastern English county of Kent, Dover sits next to the famed White Cliffs. Walking along these chalk cliffs is a breathtaking, dramatic experience. The White Cliffs are the picturesque home to one of England’s largest castles, the legendary Dover Castle, along with various other archaeological sites and historic features. Get out your camera for both the picturesque scenery that draws visitors from all over the world here, and a diverse collection of architecture from the medieval era to the present day.

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What to see in Dover

Dover has a long and rich history, which is evident in its stellar attractions. Located 11 miles north of Dover, the Deal Castle, completed in 1540 for Henry VIII, is one of the most famous English fortifications. Explore this castle and its expansive grounds. Guests can also visit the resort town of Deal, a historic trade and military post with great biking and walking trails. The South Foreland Lighthouse is a Victorian-era landmark with a captivating story to tell. This lighthouse was the first ever to use electric light in 1859, and later became part of experiments that received the first ship-to-shore message.

The Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre, an English Heritage site near Ramsgate, is a physical reminder of the era of Roman rule in the area. The remains of the concrete wall and defensive tunnels are worth exploring, and you can make a fun boat trip to access the fort like the Romans once did. Sitting about 2 miles west of Dover, Samphire Hoe Country Park is a nature reserve constructed from chalk excavated during construction of the Channel Tunnel. Most visitors stop at Samphire Hoe for a stroll along its walking trail, or for activities such as angling and birdwatching.

Where to stay in Dover

Great hotel deals on all kinds of accommodations can be found on eDreams, from cheap Dover hotels to luxury offerings. Dover has charming options around St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe, Castle Hill Road, and Connaught Road that put you in close proximity to the major sights in and around town. Areas around Pencester Gardens and Drop Redoubt are also great local choices for hotel deals. With brand new boutique hotels, shopping areas, and leisure facilities, Folkestone, 6 miles from Dover, attracts many visitors, especially those interested in spending some time at Samphire Hoe. Excellent transport links to London make Folkestone an ideal place for enjoying the magnificent surrounding landscape.

A historic maritime port, Deal is approximately 7 miles from Dover. You'll enjoy its top-notch pubs and restaurants, and enjoy locally caught fish. Tucked in the middle of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the beautiful village of Elham is scenic inside and out. Its open fields and rolling hills contain both linear and circular trail routes for all types of walking abilities. Catch the farmers market that happens twice a month, or visit the Elham Valley Vineyard for some great local wines.

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