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Hotels in Dorchester

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What to do in Dorchester

About Dorchester

Dorchester may simply be described as a modern city that continues to maintain contact with its history. The city is an amalgam of classic British architecture and new modern infrastructure. It also possesses some of Britain’s best preserved pre-historic monuments from the Roman era throughout the country, and its museums paint a picture of a city that took centre-stage in the evolution of the country into what it is today.

Enjoy exploring its well-curated streets as you interact with the town locals first hand. Simply walk into any restaurant across the street and try out a few British Cuisines. Even better, you may find your way to the Jurassic coast and witness the beauty of the works of nature. As a visitor looking for a hotel in Dorchester, you can depend on the eDreams search engine for all your booking needs. It provides an effective, yet easy-to-use search engine. Narrow down the search to cater to your needs and preferences through its efficient filters. All that you need to do is enter the duration of your intended trip, the dates, and the expected number of visitors that will accompany you.

What to see in Dorchester

As with any trip, look for a hotel in Dorchester that is in close proximity to your trip’s points of interest. This will eliminate unnecessary expenses making your trip even better. You could also turn your daily train and bus rides into a tour of the city. Look for accommodation near the Neponset River Reservation which is famous for its beautiful river and numerous bird species. Wake up to the singing of the birds every morning and enjoy the raging waters of the river.

You may also look for a hotel south of Dorchester where the historic Maiden Castle is located. Before the Roman reign, the Maiden Castle was a hill-fort settlement whose establishment dated back to the Iron Age. Be sure to take a walk around the ditches that surround it. You will be overwhelmed at the thought of the effort and discipline that it took to build the fortress especially in the absence of advanced machinery. Your trip in the city cannot come to a halt before you have had a tour of the Dorset Teddy Bear Museum, which features an antique collection of teddy bears showing their evolution over the years.

Where to stay in Dorchester

Look for accommodation near Wimborne market to ensure easy access to shops, ATMs and hotels. At the market, you may like a few items which you could purchase to take back with you as memorabilia or as souvenirs for your friends back at home. There are also a few night clubs for those visitors that have an active nightlife. Walk into a nearby night club and dance the night away. While there, be sure to try out the traditional British Beer and Scotch whiskeys.

Consider getting accommodation along the High West Street. It is along this street that the Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum and the Dorset County Museum are located. It will probably be just a few minutes’ walk from your hotel. The numerous hotels and cafés along the street also provide you with different eating points allowing you to try out as many different types of cuisine. If looking for cheaper accommodation, consider the available options along Great Western Road. Another way of finding options for cheap hotels when booking online is by browsing hotel deals that are featured on the search engine.

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