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What to do in Dartmouth

About Dartmouth

When you stay at Dartmouth hotels, you can discover the charming streets of this historic town. Featuring original medieval and Elizabethan architecture set amid the beauty of coastal Devon, Dartmouth is a superb destination for a tranquil break. Visit the twin buildings of 600-year-old Dartmouth Castle and 14th-century St Saviour's Church. You can even take a steam train on the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway to tour the countryside in style. Woodlands Park tops off the fun, with a huge indoor adventure park that's ideal for kids of all ages. Dartmouth is a wonderful place for families and couples looking for a quiet escape.

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What to see in Dartmouth

When you visit Dartmouth, be sure to stroll along the Butterwalk. This charming road is lined with listed buildings, including intriguingly ornate houses supported by granite columns. What better place to snap a few photos of one of England's most beautiful historic towns? Another must-see on your trip to Dartmouth is the Newcomen Engine, a steam-powered machine that played a key role in the run-up to the Industrial Revolution. When you need some refreshments, head to 13th-century Foss Street. The completely pedestrianised area, which features charming cafés and boutiques, is the perfect place to look for souvenirs of your Dartmouth holiday.

Dartmouth's proximity to the sea and Dartmoor National Park draw nature lovers from near and far. Enjoy the summer sunshine on the banks of the River Dart or visit Dartmoor Castle at any time of year to take in its amazing views of the confluence of the Dart and the English Channel. At Dartmoor National Park, just half an hour's drive from Dartmouth, you can look forward to hiking, cycling, climbing and even horseback riding amid splendid surroundings. Hidden delights are dotted throughout the park, including Buckfast Abbey, Fernworthy Dam and Reservoir, and the ancient Grey Wethers stone circle.

Where to stay in Dartmouth

Dartmouth is a small town and easily walkable, so regardless of where you book a hotel, you'll be close to the best attractions. Look for hotels on Victoria Road, one of Dartmouth's main thoroughfares, or by the banks of the River Dart – you'll be treated to inspiring views and peaceful surroundings, and be within easy walking distance of Dartmouth Harbour, the Dartmouth Visitor Centre, and Rowbury Gallery, among many other attractions. Lower Street and Mayor's Avenue are also very centrally located and offer smart accommodation options in town.

If you'd prefer staring somewhere more rural, look for accommodations in Kingswear, a small settlement just across the river from Dartmouth. The village's charming port and houses offer picture-perfect holiday surroundings. Stoke Fleming is another beautiful destination, just 10 minutes' drive from Dartmouth. This ancient community features a delightful church and a taste of traditional English village life.

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