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What to do in Cirencester

About Cirencester

Cirencester, set in England’s breathtaking Cotswold district, is ideal for a leisurely holiday. The lovely market town’s captivating history will take you back to Roman times, when it was England's largest town after Londinium. The Roman amphitheatre on the outskirts of town, which now hosts fun activities such as tobogganing in winter, is a testament to Cirencester's glorious heritage. There's also the Corinium Museum, a storehouse of the town's magnificent past.

The pretty honey-coloured stone buildings on Cirencester's postcard-perfect cobbled streets can trace their roots to medieval times, when Cirencester was a flourishing wool town. Even today, Cirencester enthrals visitors with its shopping tradition at its numerous markets and shops. You can stay close to the attractions of Cirencester by booking hotels with eDreams, an easy-to-use search engine. Narrow down your choices with the tool, selecting for the number of guests, location, and best hotel deals.

What to see in Cirencester

Summertime visitors should try to see at least one game of polo, the 'Game of Kings', and booking a hotel at the centre of Cirencester makes this easy, placing you close to the Cirencester Park Polo Club. Meanwhile, the remnants of Roman architecture can be seen at the Abbey Grounds, where a Norman arch still stands to the delight of history lovers, and at the Corinium Museum, a spectacular display of Romano-British antiquities and mosaics. In fact, you'll need at least two visits to see all the museum's exquisite artefacts – opting for cheap hotel accommodations close to the site makes it easy to return. Stop by for a drink at the Black Horse on Castle Street, near the centre. It's the oldest pub in the city, drawing people seeking a mug of ale even in the 1400s!

You could also check out the 12th-century Church of St. John the Baptist, famous for its fan vaults and perpendicular porch, and New Brewery Arts, a centre exhibiting the best of locally produced crafts. Explore the grounds of Cirencester House, which boasts one of the most beautifully landscaped gardens in England – everything in the fine garden today matches the Earl of Bathurst's 18th-century plan for space. The Cotswold Water Park, Westonbirt Arboretum, and Cotswold Wildlife Park are also close to Cirencester, making for interesting day tours.

Where to stay in Cirencester

Bear in mind that hotels in Cirencester can get chock-a-block during major events such as the Cheltenham Festival, which takes place not even a mile from town. However, you can still get quality accommodations at a good price by booking online in advance. The town centre is usually the best place to stay if you're a first-time visitor and want to explore all of Cirencester's attractions. Many fine Tudor-style cottages – some originally from that period – line Dollar Street and Coxwell Street. A few of the buildings, constructed with Cotswold stone, serve as accommodations for guests. If you start searching for your hotel early, you could stay in one of these charming places.

Alternatively, for a low-key or budget holiday, check out the quaint cottage hotels in the suburbs of Stratton and Chesterton or the Beeches and Watermoor neighbourhoods, where hotels are cheaper than in the town centre. You could also look for idyllic accommodations near the River Thames, just a few miles from west Circenster – you may want to book in advance, though, as many travellers seeking Cirencester hotels are drawn to the river's serene banks.

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